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Best Mountain Bike Phone Mount

bike phone mount

From cycling fitness trackers to padded MTB shorts, elbow, and knee pads, there seems to be a plethora of accessories made available in the market to make mountain biking experience a little less daunting. It becomes rather difficult to sort of keep up with the trends. And this, oftentimes, results in confusion as one sets out to go purchase a suitable bike accessory.

Even so, this should not at all deter any cyclist whether professional or not from striving to be aware of most if not all of the bike accessories as they play a salient role in making your biking experience more pleasurable.

Unlike decades ago, there are now a plethora of budding products that have been constructed with a view of allowing your Smartphone to attach to your handlebars and provide a dedicated alternative to the cycling computer.

One such tool that has been rather instrumental and caused a buzz in the cycling world as we now is the bike phone mount.

Check out the Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount, our most recommended bike phone mount that fits a wide range of smartphones in the market today.

Realizing that your phone is an incredible tool that in a way helps you unlock your cycling potential to the fullest, developers have come up with a way that helps you have your phone by your side as you cycle away through the roughest of terrains on your adventurous escapades.

This handy mount helps you access your phone easily without having to stop at any one point and also helps hold your phone securely in place throughout your ride.

In this product review, we are going to demystify all there is to know about the best Smart phone bike mount including the various types of phone mounts available in the market and some of the popular brands that will be worth your while in terms of overall performance.

But first off let us begin the product review adventure with a summary table that introduces and compares the features of the different popular bike phone mount brands and then proceed to an in-depth review of the best bike phone mounts available in the market.

Top 10 bike phone mounts

Product Name Product Image Rating Weight Features Pros Cons Check Price
Vibrelli Universal Bicycle Phone Mount [usr 4.7] 3.5 ounces *Strong adjustable clamp with silicone band grips.
*Its Flexible
*Available in Black, red and gray silicone bands.
*Fits any Smartphone device.
*Holds the phone firmly.
*Easy to use & Install
*Allows you full access to your phone screen
*It's prone to breakage [themify_button style="small green" link=""]Buy on Amazon[/themify_button]
Quad Lock Bike Kit [usr 4.6] 4 ounces *Patented dual-stage locking mechanism.
*Waterproof cover.
*Comes with a slim protective case for iPhone 7.
*Can mount to a handlebar or stem cap.
*It is extremely light.
*Allows easy access to your phone.
*Strong and sturdy.
*Can break after a long time of use. [themify_button style="small green" link=""]Buy on Amazon[/themify_button]
Roam universal Bike Mount [usr 4.5] 3,4 ounces *Has a plastic grip with silicon net that secures your phone.
*Fits any size of handlebar.
*Built with premium hard plastic material.
*Its strong and durable.
*Has a stylish sleek design.
*Easy to install & adjust.
*Holds your phone strongly even at high speeds.
*It fits only wide devices

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GVDV Universal Bicycle Phone Mount [usr 4.4] 70 grams *It is universal.
Built with eco-friendly elastic silicon rubber.
*Has a strong sturdy silicon web to secure your phone.
*Takes seconds to install.
*Built with high quality material.
Allows you to switch your phone in a Vertical & Horizontal Position.
*Its light

*The skin is not waterpoof
[themify_button style="small green" link=""]Buy on Amazon[/themify_button]
IPOW Bike Mount [usr 4.3] 4.8 ounces *It has 2 silicon butterfly bands.
*It can rotate to a 360 angle.
*Has a soft rubber to reduce vibration;
*Mounts to the bike easily.

It has a soft rubber to prevent scratches on your phone

Can fit devices of 2.3 to 3.5 inches
*Difficult to unclamp your phone. [themify_button style="small green" link=""]Buy on Amazon[/themify_button]
Team Obsidian Premium Bike Mount [usr 4.3] *Built with high quality and elastic silicone that provides excellent durability.
*It fits on any handlebar or stem.
*It is versatile.

*Works great in all terrain.
*It is flexible, *strong & sturdy

*It is not adjustable
[themify_button style="small green" link=""]Buy on Amazon[/themify_button]
Max Mile Phone Mount [usr 4.3] *It allows 360 degrees rotation. *It can expand to fit large phones & tablets.
*It secures your phone firmly even when riding on technical trails.
*Can be installed on a variety of handles.
*Does not support thick phones. [themify_button style="small green" link=""]Buy on Amazon[/themify_button]
Rokform Bike Mount [usr 4.2] *Has an adjustable viewing angle.
*It utilizes Roklock quarter turn system and Roksafe magnetic technologies.
*Has a stylish sleek design.
*It is lightweight
*Its is built with military grade aluminum
*Allows for different viewing angles.
*Constructed with high quality metal.
*Features a water resistant skin.
*It is great for all types of bikes.
*The locking points are not that strong [themify_button style="small green" link=""]Buy on Amazon[/themify_button]
Tao Tronics Bike Mount [usr 4.1] 1.9 ounces *It features non slip rubber cradles to prevent your phone from damage. Easy to install and remove from the handlebar

It can rotate up to 360 degrees

It is compatible with most devices with a thickness of 1.97 to 3.94 inches
*It is difficult to balance the phone properly [themify_button style="small green" link=""]Buy on Amazon[/themify_button]
Wiz Gear Magnetic Bike Mount [usr 4.0] 6.4 ounces *It has a reinforced magnetic holder that holds any type of Smartphone.
*It has a smooth surface that’s suitable for mounting any Smartphone in place.
*The base of the mount remains firmly fixed as you swivel your display.
*It allows you to rotate your phone and swivel; your display as you please.
*It has a simple and complementary design that allows for ease of use.
*The plastic part can easily break. [themify_button style="small green" link=""]Buy on Amazon[/themify_button]
A summary of the best bike phone mounts


Top 10 Best Bike Phone Mounts Reviews

Vibrelli Universal Bicycle Phone Mount

[themify_button style=”small green” link=”″]Buy on Amazon[/themify_button]


This ubiquitous line of bike mounts has become rather popular with a number of both professional and untrained cyclists alike all over the globe. And while this can largely be attributed to the fact that it offers its user return on value, there are other underlying issues that have contributed to its popularity. These include the fact that it fits easily around just about any kind of handlebar and it’s well thought out stylishly sleek design. More to that, it also features a clamp and silicone bands that help hold your phone firmly in place without the possibility of sliding or slipping.


  • It features a strong adjustable clamp with silicone band grips that help hold the phone in place.
  • Another remarkable feature is the special ball and socket design that’s solely responsible for flexibility in that you can rotate and adjust your device to an angle of your choice.
  • It comes along with 3 black, red and gray silicone bands for backup and color variation.


  • It fits any Smartphone device as long as it’s up to 3.7 inches wide.
  • It features strong sturdy silicone bands that help hold the phone firmly in its place.
  • It is flexible enough to allow you to adjust your device to an angle that befits your fancy.
  • It basically allows you full access to your phone screen, buttons, and micro jack. This means that you don’t have to remove your phone so as to be able to use it.
  • It has a clip on and clip off design that makes it one of the easiest bike holders to use.
  • It is feather light to enable you to go as fast as you would wish without necessarily weighing you down.
  • It is quite easy to get the phone in and out.


  • The holder does not quite stay in place while one is riding.
  • It tends to break very easily.


Overall, the Vibrelli bike phone mount offers a return on value owing to the fact that it happens to be not only strong and sturdy but also fairly flexible when it all boils down to adjusting the device to one’s preferred position.

Quad Lock Bike Kit

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The Quad Lock mount is a classy product with a price to match. Once you have fitted your device into its plastic case, you can mount it in a number of ways depending on your personal preference. Although it has a plastic case that is reminiscent of the iPhone 6 leather case, it just so happens to be a little chunkier so as to accommodate the quarter turn socket that it couples with.


  • It has a patented dual-stage locking mechanism that is meant to ensure your phone is held securely in place.
  • It mounts to either a handlebar or a stem cap as long as their diameter is within the range of 25 to 40 mm.
  • It comes with a bike mount pro, a slim protective case for iPhone 7, a weather resistant poncho for iPhone 7 and mounting hardware.
  • It comes with a waterproof cover that helps protect one’s device from rain and sweat.


  • It is feather light to avoid weighing you down as you cycle.
  • It can be mounted with ease.
  • It allows for easy access to your phone whilst not compromising on the phone’s safety.
  • It is both strong and sturdy to securely hold your phone in place during your cycling escapades.
  • It has a lock in circle at the back that further enhances the grip for added protection.


  • Just like other tools the Quad bike mount might break after months of regular use.


There is absolutely nothing not to love about the Quad bike mount. Between being stylishly sleek in terms of design and aesthetic and being strong and sturdy in terms of performance, this mount holds up pretty well regardless of whether it is used on a smooth pavement or rough trail.

Roam Universal Premium Bicycle Phone Mount

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Anyone who has gotten the opportunity to use the Roam bike mount knows that it’s totally worth every single penny and the fuss. Being a favorite to go to phone mount for pretty much all cyclists who like to have some adventurous escapades in the wild whilst having some well-deserved fun moments, the Roam bike phone mount has certainly not disappointed in as far as quality and convenience are concerned. From being sturdy and strong to being fairly easy to install, it no doubt fits the bill in as far as being a favorable companion is concerned.


  • It has a plastic grip with silicon net that meant to ensure that each and every corner of your phone is secured.
  • It has a large handlebar clamp that can fit any size handlebar.
  • It is constructed of a premium hard plastic material and silicon net all of which happen to be strong, sturdy and durable.


  • The mount will adjust to any angle you wish so as to facilitate convenient viewing while cycling.
  • It is strong and sturdy to hold the phone in place as you cycle at high speeds.
  • It is fairly easy to install.
  • It has a stylishly sleek design that’s aesthetically appealing.
  • It is convenient in that you can easily access your phone without having to stop your bike.


  • Sometimes the clamp may refuse to hold together on the handlebar.
  • It’s designed to fit too wide of a variety of devices.


Overall, this is an incredible tool to have as a cyclist.

GVDV Universal Bicycle Phone Mount

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The GVDV Universal bike mount, though an easy to operate mount performs virtually all tasks that are demanded of it with finesse. Characterized by its universal compatibility and its vast strength this remarkably amazing mount is everything any cycler would fancy to have.


  • It is universal in that it can fit all Smartphones with a screen size of between 4.3 inches and 6 inches.
  • It has a strong sturdy silicon web that holds your phone in place.
  • It is constructed of eco-friendly elastic silicon rubber that pretty much ensures both your phone and your handle are protected from scratches and scrapes.


  • It is constructed of high-quality materials that ensure that the phone is well secured even through the bumping roads.
  • Its installation takes you a matter of seconds.
  • Insertion and release of the phone is fairly easy and fast.
  • It gives you the liberty to switch between vertical and horizontal phone positions.
  • It’s feather light to allow you to cycle as swiftly as you would wish without weighing you own at any one point.
  • It has universal compatibility to fit any device that has a size between 4.3 and 6 inches.


  • It doesn’t have a water resistant skin to protect your phone from sweat or rain.


Apart from being constructed of an eco-friendly silicone rubber, the GVDV bike mount also happens to have a universal compatibility that further enhances its output hence making it a viable to go biking mount for just about any cycling need.

IPOW Bike Mount

                                                                           [themify_button style=”small green” link=”″]Buy on Amazon[/themify_button]


Over time, through the stellar reviews that it gets, the IPOW bike mount has gradually become one of the best bike mounts in the cycling scene thus far. With this tool, you can cycle away even through the toughest of terrains without having to worry about your phone falling down as you cycle.


  • It has 2 silicon butterfly bands that are tasked with the mandate of protecting your phone.
  • It features soft red rubber lines that help reduce vibration as well as prevent the phone surface scratches.
  • It has a 360 degrees rotation that enable the user to adjust the phone’s position to their liking.


  • It mounts to the bike both easily and securely.
  • It is universally compatible with just about any device whose size is anything between 2.3 to 3.5 inches.
  • It has soft red rubber lines that help keep the surface of your phone from being scratched.


  • Getting the phone out of this mount is a bit tricky especially because it can smash you power button at any time during installation or uninstalling.


The IPOW bike mount, though not as strong as a brand like all the other brands has gained a name for itself for being a reliable and efficient bike mount over time. You will no doubt have a blast using this remarkably unique and innovative tool any day any time.

Team Obsidian Premium Bike Mount

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The Team Obsidian is a stylishly sleek tool that changes the cycling ball game completely. Apart from being a reputable brand, this tool also prides itself in being well constructed and versatile enough to work on a number of handlebars. What’s more, it exudes power in its overall performance and happens to be light weight in nature to facilitate ease of mobility.


  • It fits just about any handlebar or stem.
  • It is constructed of a high quality and elastic silicone that provides excellent durability.
  • It is very versatile and hence works on any kind of motorcycle, bike or scooter handlebar.


  • It works great on any terrain.
  • Apart from being flexible it also happens to be strong and sturdy to hold your phone securely in place.
  • It does not require you to attach any extra pieces to your phone for it to work efficiently.
  • It’s as easy to mount as it is to take off the bike.


  • It is not as adjustable as one would wish and hence limits one’s view and access to the phone.


Overall, this is an incredible tool to have at your disposal as a cyclist.

Max Mile Phone Mount

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The Max Mile bike phone mount is by and large one of the best phone mount for your bike. Featuring both strength and solidness in its overall outlook and performance, this remarkable tool will no doubt revolutionize the way you ride. Among its strong points include the fact that it has a 360 degrees rotation that helps you adjust it easily and its capability to fit either a phone or a tablet as long as it’s between 3.5 to 7 inches wide.


  • It allows 360 degrees rotation that helps the user to get the best view of their device as well as enables them easy access.


  • It expands to fit even the largest of phones.
  • It is both strong and sturdy to facilitate enough protection when one is riding on technical trails and rough terrains.
  • It supports cell phones and tablets as long as they are well within 3.5 to 7 inches wide.
  • It can easily be installed on a variety of handlebars as long as they have a diameter of between 18mm and 30 mm.


  • It doesn’t hold thick phones.
  • It’s not very easy to twist the locking knobs.


Whether you have a small or large device, the Max Mile bike mount happens to be a worthy companion through all your adventurous rides.

Rokform Bike Mount

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If you have been in search of a phone mount for your bike that fits the bill in terms of providing flexibility and ample security for your phone as you cycle away, then the Rokform phone mount might be just what you have been looking for. With its adjustable viewing angle and its sturdy construction, it isn’t really that hard to see why it happens to be a favorite among the cycling circles at all.


  • The Rokform mount has an adjustable viewing angle that helps you not only have a clear view of your phone but also allows you access to your phone while you cycle.
  • It utilizes Roklock quarter turn system and Roksafe magnetic technologies to keep the phone safe and secure at all times.
  • It is constructed of military grade aluminum with a stainless steel screw that enables it to stand the rigors of daily use.
  • It is lightweight enough to keep you moving your fastest.
  • It has a stylishly sleek design that’s pretty much aesthetically appealing.
  • It fits bikes that accept 1-1/8’ thread less steer tubes.


  • It allows for different viewing angles which is very cool.
  • It is pretty easy to install.
  • It is constructed of high-quality metal which is very hard to come by these days.
  • It is sturdy enough to hold your phone in place even through the roughest of trails and road rides.
  • It is lightweight in nature and hence doesn’t weigh you down as you cycle swiftly to your next adventure.
  • The fact that it’s used and endorsed by pros means that it is a product that you can definitely trust.
  • It fits most if not all the bikes including road and mountain models.
  • It features a water resistant skin that protects your phone from the wet weather without necessarily hindering full operation.


  • The locking points are not so strong


The Rokform bike mount provides its user with a secure and sturdy home that helps put their mind at ease as they ride their bike even through the roughest of terrains. With its vast versatility and its amicable sizing, it will no doubt appeal to just about any cyclist.

Tao Tronics Bike Mount

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No matter where you are having your adventurous escapades, the Trao Tronics bike mount might just be the cycling companion that you have been in search of.  While primarily crafted for holding a Smartphone, the Trao Tronics bike holder now doubles up to accommodate any device as long as its width is between 1.97 and 3.94 inches. It helps free up your hand as you cycle whilst getting the most fun without getting even a hint of boredom. What’s more, it also has an all round protection that helps protect your phone as well as prevents it from sliding and slipping out on the road.


It features none slip rubber grip cradles that help secure your device and safeguard it against any imminent accidental falls.


  • It is pretty easy to install and remove it from the handle bar.
  • It is compatible with most of the devices including small and big devices as long as they are between 1.97 inches and 3.94 inches.
  • It is rotatable to up to 360 degrees to present the best viewing angle.


  • It’s difficult to balance the phone properly.


All in all, all factors considered, this is a pretty adorable addition to have on your handlebar. Its performance no doubt speaks for itself and that is probably the reason as to why it’s highly recommended among the cycling circles.

Wiz Gear Magnetic Bike Mount

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The Wiz Gear mount provides its users with a hassle free way of placing your phone securely to ensure it doesn’t fall. Among its strong points include its magnetic technology that helps keep your phone secure and it’s uniquely sturdy base that solidly keeps your phone in its right place.


  • It has a reinforced magnetic holder that holds any type of Smartphone.
  • It has a high-quality rubber construction at the base that holds your Smartphone in place regardless of road vibrations.
  • It has a smooth surface that’s suitable for mounting any Smartphone in place.


  • It allows you to rotate your phone and swivel; your display as you please.
  • The base of the mount remains firmly fixed as you swivel your display.
  • It has a simple and complementary design that allows for ease of use.


  • Although the magnetic is strong, the bands still break easily.
  • The plastic part is prone to breakage


When your phone is securely in place, it becomes so much easier for you to use your GPS, listen to music and monitor the number of calories burned.


Things to Consider when Buying a Bike Phone Mount

For you to choose an apt bicycle phone mount that will serve your needs to your fulfillment there are certain factors you need to put into consideration. Here are a few tips that will help you purchase one that will definitely be worth your while.

Whether the mount is waterproof

If you cycle all day every day regardless of whether it is raining or scorching hot, then it might be important for you to ensure that the bike mount you set out to purchase has waterproof properties. This way, your phone will still be protected in the wet weather and sunny weather alike.

Whether the mount has a hard case or a soft case

By and large, hard case phone mounts no doubt happen to be a little bit pricier compared to the soft case mounts. Even so, that doesn’t mean that all is lost for soft cases and neither does it in any way imply that soft cases don’t have their uses. On the contrary, most times you will find that the soft cases happen to be more versatile and hence work with any Smartphone as well as allow touch screen capability which happens to be absent in hard cases.

Whether it has a handlebar mount or a stem cap mount

In determining exactly what mount to go for it is vital to remember that while a handlebar mount sets your phone on the edge of your sight, the stem cap mount on the other hand sets your phone a bit further out of your periphery hence necessitating you to move your head downwards more obviously. And while this is purely a matter of one’s personal preference, it is still something that one should take into consideration during purchase.

Compatibility with your phone

Much as most bike phone mounts happen to be universally compatible, that may not be the case with all the bike mounts and more so with the kind of bike mount that you wish to have. It is therefore pertinent to analyze its compatibility beforehand so as to avoid having to ship back the product.


Among all the other available bike mounts in the market, the Vibrelli bike mount takes the cup in as far as performance and reliability are concerned. Although it’s very similar to the other products, there are certain features that make it stand out including the clamp and silicone bands that ensure your device’s added protection as you cycle away and the special ball and socket design that further enhances its overall flexibility. In addition, it also allows you full access to your phone screen, buttons, and micro jack and hence allows you to use your phone without first having to remove it.








5 Best Mountain Bike Fenders 2018

best mountain bike fenders

Wondering which are the best mountain bike fenders to purchase? Relax, we took 15 fenders and subjected them to months of abuse and testing to help identify the best brand for you.

Over the course of our intense research, we put each mudguard through vigorous riding to find out their pros & cons.

Do You Really Need to Have Fenders on Your Mountain Bike?

Having mudguards on your mountain bike is a necessity if you want to stay clean and enjoy riding. MTB Fenders do a great job when it comes to protecting your face from flying gravel and mud. Besides, good fenders allow you to mountain bike without getting wet from water puddles.

MTB fenders are designed to protect your suspension forks from getting caked with mud and dirt. This ensures that your forks last for a long time and work as expected.

After all the enduro laps, trail rides, gravel grinds, shuttle runs and bike park laps, we discovered that these are the five best mountain bike fenders in the market.


Best mountain bike fenders Reviews


Fifty-Fifty MTB fenders

This mountain bike fender have a good design that helps in blocking mud & water. We loved the fact that it flairs wider at the section closest to the rider’s face.

The package comes with mounting instructions that will help you install the fender. in addition, it comes together with 6 zip ties to secure it.

We found out that most mountain bikers recommend them for their flexibility, sturdiness and durability. At no one time did we hear these mudguard rattle or slide during our tests.

In case you are looking for a fender that is compatible with the front fork & rear set, then the Fifty-Fifty is the best choice. It comes in handy when protecting your fork bridge & stanchions from getting caked with mud.

Buy on Amazon   Read Customer Reviews



Mucky Nutz fenders

From our tests and research, it was evident that mucky nutz is compatible with all wheel sizes. Moreover, it can be used on all double bridge and forward fork designs without any problems.

This MTB fender might look tiny but, its efficiency will surprise you; we noted that there is a lot of positive vibes on forums regarding the Mucky Nutz fender.

We recommend you to purchase this product in order to keep your ride’s fork bridges & stanchions free from dirt.

When mounting this mudguard, make sure you fix it close to the knobby bits for maximum mud/dirt catching.

Buy on Amazon   Read Customer Reviews



RightOn Mudguards
RightOn fender qualify to be in list of the best mountain bike fenders because of its flexible material and ability to protect you from flying mud, gravels & dirt.

A new package comes with mounting instructions, thus making the installation process easy and fast. Just like other front fenders, this model will protect your forks from getting caked with mud, hence minimizing the need for servicing & cleaning.

In addition, RightOn fenders are available in different colors thus making it possible to match your bike’s suspension.

Buy on Amazon   Read Customer Reviews



Mudfender MTB Mudguards
If you are looking to enjoy a mud free mountain biking experience, then you should consider purchasing Mudfender mudguards. These MTB fenders provide maximum protection to your bike’s frame and suspension forks.

They are built from durable, flexible and resilient Polypropylene plastic. We appreciate the fact that their design helps keep riders safe from flying debris and dirt.

The Mudfender comes with Velcro straps that you can use to secure the fender on your bike. Besides, they have a lightweight design and are easy to install and unmount for cleaning purposes.

You can use these mud flaps on your BMX and Hybrid bikes as long as they have suspension forks.

Buy on Amazon    Read Customer Reviews



Crud Catcher Mountain bike fender
This fender is made from plastic, it is simple, light and easy to fix. More protective cushion is put between the flame and the blades hence moving the fixing lugs to accommodate thicker frame tubes. They are easy to bend and remove any build up mud.


  • Has a unique pivot point allowing the rider to have an installation angle.
  • Has clamps and shims to fit on any seat post diameter.
  • Weighs 135 grams.

Buy on Amazon     Read Customer Reviews


Mountain Bike fenders are necessary accessories since they help keep the rider clean and protect the bike and its parts from damage. You should always select a fender that fits your wheel size and securely attaches to the flame of the bike.

Check for the best budget MTB Wheelsets here.

Online shopping helps one to view all verities in the market and choose the best. Most importantly bikes with fenders are enjoyable to ride since they don’t fly mud or dirty water







Best MTB Shoes For Flat Pedals 2018


Studies show that cycling can improve your cognitive abilities and when that is paired with mountain biking, it could immensely improve your mental and physical state. All you need to do is have the right gear and be fit before hitting the trails.

When it comes to mountain biking, your gear is very important, as it will play a key role in helping you through the trails. Among these are the best MTB shoes for flat pedals, which are needed in helping you, get a better grip of your pedals.

Besides, you might think of coming off your bike and carrying it instead of riding, which means that you will need flat MTB shoes that are designed with features that can handle the terrain.

Think about it this way, if you are wearing shoes that are  uncomfortable, will the riding experience be fun as you had hoped? I don’t think so, you see, mountain biking requires you to have just the right gear for you trails. This means that if you are missing something or some part of your gear, it is most likely that the experience won’t be as exhilarating. 

Figuring out which mountain bike shoes to take could prove to be a challenge especially if you do not know what features to look for but don’t worry, we have reviewed the best MTB shoes for flat pedals and a choosing guide to help you out.

Why Flat Pedal Mountain Bike Shoes?

The biggest upside of having flat pedals is that you do necessarily need special mountain bike shoes to ride your bike. You simply hop onto your bike with whichever shoes you please and get riding. But you can still opt to wear the MTB flat pedal shoes as they will work better than your typical shoes.

Typically, flat pedal mountain bike shoes will have flat soles as way to maximize the contact area between the shoes and the bike pedals. You will also find that the rubber is stickier than what’s found on your typical tennis shoe. Your flat pedal shoes will be stiffer than your normal shoes but this is not always true as some brands are stiffer than others.

Nowadays, most flat pedal shoes use standard laces but you can also find other with Boca laces or Velcro straps. That said, it’s important that you tuck away the ends of your laces before hoping onto your bike.

Best MTB Shoes For Flat Pedals Reviews

1. Five Ten Freerider PRO

best mtb shoes for flat pedals

The Five Ten Freerider PROs are the latest mountain biking shoes in the market. I was so quick to buy a pair from Amazon as soon as they were unveiled to consumers..

One thing i like about the flat MTB shoes is that they are lighter than most Five Ten Freerider kicks. It is a versatile pair of shoe that you can use for a wide range of sporting activities. The Free Rider PRO provides the best grip, excellent traction,  ample cushioning and foot support.

Its outer sole is designed using industrial-strength rubber that not only provides a high friction eco-efficiency, but also excellent traction. The sole is made from a combination of sticky STEALTH S1 rubber and BMX inspired leather. This combination provides you with a high-performance shoe that is ideal for mountain biking.

The upper part is constructed using breathable synthetic fabric that provides durability and breathability. The Free Rider features a vamp lacing technique that provides a much better fit compared to other mountain bike shoes. It is price is decent and considering the features, it is one of the best mtb shoes for flat pedals.


  • Ample cushioning
  • Good grip and traction
  • Excellent durability
  • High friction shoe
  • Awesome Toe protection


  • Nothing to report.

Check Current Price on Amazon


O’Neal Stinger II

best mtb flat shoes
The stinger II are among the best flat pedal mtb shoes and are seen as an upgrade to the previous cycling shoes from the Stinger O’Neal collection. It has a stylish design, which means that it can be worn as a sporting or casual shoe.

Its main point of focus is comfort as it comes with sufficient ankle padding combined with enough toe room to keep your feet protected from external debris.

The outer sole is made from a unique rubber compound, which is known as honeycomb rubber. It features honeycomb-patterned tread marks that are designed to provide enhanced grip, stability and traction.

The upper part features a combination of breathable nylon mesh and leather. This combination ensures that the overall durability and breathability of the shoe is upheld. On the inside, it is aligned with an extra set of padding that provides the foot with enhanced protection from external debris.


  • Stable Outer sole
  • Breathable Upper Mesh
  • Extra Padding
  • Durable leather


  • Inconsistent lacing technique

Check Current Price on Amazon

Mavic Alpine XL

best mountain bike shoes for flat pedals
The Alpine Xl is a very versatile sporting shoe as it is ideal for all seasons. It can also double up as a casual shoe. Its sole is very flexible, which enables you to use it even on rough terrains especially areas where cycling is next to impossible. The ankle area has a Neoprene cuff that is designed to provide ankle protection from external debris.

The upper part features a combination of nylon mesh and synthetic leather. This combination provides just the right amount of durability and breathability without compromising on the foot and ankle protection from external debris.

The Mavic Alpine XL was designed to offer top-notch protection and performance. This means that even parts such as the toe box were not left out. The toe box is made using premium rubber to protect your toes from any external impacts especially rocks.


  • Breathable Upper Mesh
  • Flexible Rubber Sole
  • Enhanced protection
  • Unique lacing technique


  • Reduced stability

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Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes for Flat Pedals

As I was browsing through the internet, I noted that there is little info concerning women specific Flat Mountain biking shoes. Nevertheless, my wife had to devote some time to put some of the MTB shoes to test and provider her input in this review. Below are reviews of the best Women’s mountain bike shoes for flat pedals.

Five Ten Women’s Freerider Bike Shoe

Five Ten Womens Freerider MTB Shoes
I was pretty sure that bae would pick these kicks as her first option. She has never replaced them ever since she bought them. Five Ten Freeriders are well-known for their awesome traction and grip. It’s rare to find shoes that will provide the type of grip offered by the Freeriders. Bae confirmed that they stick to the pedals like super glue.

The best thing about these women’s flat mountain bike shoes is that they have awesome shock-absorbing and cushioning properties. In fact, you can use them for other outdoor activities other than mountain biking.

The sole is made using sticky rubber to ensure that your feet do not slip off the pedal. Bae confirmed that they stick to the pedals like super glue. The upper part is made using suede leather and polyester mesh which makes the shoe durable and breathable.

You definitely need to grab a pair of these sweet babies from Amazon!!!

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Five Tens Women’s Canvas Bike Shoes

Five-Ten Womens Freerider Canvas MTB Shoes
There is no doubt that Five Ten is the leading producer of mountain bike shoes. In fact, they are famous for producing shoes for the most dangerous sports. The Canvas model qualifies to be among the best flat MTB shoes for women since it provides excellent grip and traction to the rider.  Most customers have praised the canvas for their upper breathable canvas, comfort and stealthy dotty sole.

The FiveTen Canvas shoes are very comfortable on and off the bike. These shoes are available in Grey and Indigo colors. Make sure you choose the right size when ordering a pair from Amazon.

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Choosing the Best MTB Shoes For Flat Pedals

When riding a mountain bike your main contact points are your hands, your feet and your butt. But as you look at mountain bike riding especially trails, you will find yourself standing up often which means that your main contact points will be your feet and your hands. Such situations require you to have quality mountain bike shoes.

Even though we say that these are the best mountain bike shoes, there is no particular shoe that can fit every rider’s riding style, terrain, preferred weather and even pedal preference. Hopefully, this guide will come in handy when you are shopping for the best flat mountain bike shoes.

Pedal Grip

The most common question you’ll hear from new riders will always have something to do with the type of pedals. You see there are so many options that choosing and sticking to a certain type of pedal could be overwhelming especially if you have little knowledge of what to look for.

Back in the days, riders used to add toe clips to their pedals as a way of providing a secure interface between the flat pedals and their feet. This way their feet were literally strapped onto the pedals, which meant that if you happened to crash or topple over, your bike was going down with you.

In the late 80s, a new bike pedal was introduced into the market and it required screwing your cleat into your shoe. This way, the cleat easily locked into your pedal and the rider could easily disengage the connection by simply rotating the heel outward. These type of pedals managed to provide a secure connection but it didn’t have the toe clip. That’s when the clipless pedal was born.

The difference between clipless pedal and flat pedals is that the former require cycling-specific shoes while the latter does not require special shoes. Both of these types of pedals have their upsides and downsides- and neither can be touted as better than the other.

The best pedals for beginners are flat pedals, as the bike riders will have a chance to learn fundamental skills with confidence. And besides when using flat pedals it will be much easier to ditch the bike when the need arises.

For more information on bike pedals, check our guide.


Weather Conditions

The weather conditions will have an impact on your choice. For example, a normal XC clipless mountain bike shoe will leave your feet cold especially when you are riding in very cold conditions. Trail and XC shoes are heavily vented, which makes them ideal for summer but when it comes to winter, the vents will let in a lot of cold air.

 As for the flat pedal mountain bike shoes, they have less venting which when combined with the solid rubber sole keep your feet warm.

Fortunately, shoe companies are now making winter-specific cycling shoes for both clipless and flat pedals. The only issue is that they are expensive.

Weather Proof

Weather can greatly impact on how fun you get to have when riding your bike. The only problem comes in when you are wearing shoes that are not designed for the particular weather. This means that you might be wearing the best mountain bike shoes and suddenly the rain ‘turns’ them into flip flops.

For instance, if you have flat pedals the only thing that is preventing you from slipping is the sole grip and by chance there are small showers, everything changes. The rain will obviously make the place muddy and this will inhibit the sole’s ability to grip onto the pedal. Therefore, you will need shoes that are equipped for all-weather conditions.


As you all know, mountain biking is a very rough sport and the makes it even harder for our bodies. The same can be said for our mountain biking gear. This means that your gear should be tough enough to last through the rigorous rides but it should also be comfortable.

The materials used to make the shoe should be durable than those used to make an average shoe. The build should also be ideal for mountain biking. Preferably, opt for mountain bike shoes with synthetic leather as it is strong.


Stability should be at the top of your priority list because without stability, your mountain bike shoes is useless. The shoe should have stable features such as solid base, and an outsole that is designed to prevent slipping.



15 Best Knee Pads for Mountain Biking (2018 Update)

Best mtb knee pads 2018

If you have ever been into a horrific crash, then you probably know the importance of the phrase ‘you gotta pay to play’.

Even though you might consider yourself a guru, it is always important to have adequate protection by wearing the best MTB knee pads. This write up contains reviews of knee pads that are great for mountain bikers who want maximum protection & comfort.

List of the Best Mountain Biking Knee Pads for 2018

  1. Dainese Trail skins 2
  2. 7 IDP Protection Flex Knee Guard
  3. Race Face Ambush Knee Pads
  5. ION K_Lite R
  6. SixSixOne Recons
  7. G- Form Elite
  8. Dakine Hellion
  9. Troy Lee Designs 5450
  10. Leatt’s Airflex Pro
  11. Fox Launch Pro D30
  12. Alpinestars Men’s Knee Protector
  13. Leatt 3DF Hybrid EXT Knee & Shin Guard
  14. IXS Flow Leg Protector
  15. IXS dagger leg protector

Mtb Knee Pads Comparison Table

Knee Pad Best for Material Weight Rating
Dainese Trail Skins 2 Trail riding Memory Foam 300 g 5
7IDP Flex Knee Guard Cross country Nylon spandex 435 g 4.9
Race Face Ambush Downhill Neoprene 468 g 4.9
POC Joint VPD Trail riding VPD 337 g 4.8
ION K-Lite R Enduro Neoprene 340 g 4.7
661 Recon Trail riding Lycra & mesh 148 g 4.4
G- Form Elite Technical riding RPT 295g 4.5
Dakine Hellion Enduro 3D Molded foam 453 g 4.3
Troy Lee Designs 5450 Cross country Aramid 340 g 4.2
Leatt’s Airflex Pro Downhill Armourgel 300 g 4.6

Best MTB Knee Pads- Editor Picks

Dainese Trail Skins 2

mountain bike knee pads


 After spending 2 months researching more than 20 knee pads, consulting with cyclists, and testing some of them, I found that the best MTB knee pads in 2018 are the Dainese Trail Skins 2.

If you are looking to invest in a pair of lightweight pads, then you should definitely go for the Trail skins 2 knee pads.

The knee section features a ventilated exoskeleton that is meant to reduce the overall weight of the pad. The ventilations ensure that your knees remain cool and dry during your ride.

The Dainese Trail Skins 2 is for those mountain bikers who love riding in lightweight and breathable pads. Unlike other knee guards, you can wear the Dainese throughout the day without any discomforts whatsoever. You just have to buy the perfect size and you will be good to go.

Dainese knee pads are designed to offer unequaled protection to your knee caps and the sides of your knees. As you well know, Dainese is a popular brand when it comes to manufacturing high quality protective armor. In fact the company incorporated the Pro-Armor technology when designing the Trail Skin 2 knee pads. The knee cap section features a Pro-Armor shield that is built using shock-absorbing rubber. During a crash, the shield will distribute the impact throughout the latticework structure.

I also like how the knee pads fits securely on the legs, thanks to the internal silicone grippers and the adjustable cinch straps located around the calf and lower part of the thighs. You can ride for long distances without making stops to adjust the knee pads. The Trail Skins 2 are available in small, medium and large sizes. Make sure you choose the right fit in order to get the best out of these awesome knee pads.


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7 IDP Protection Flex Knee Guard


best mountain bike knee pads

7 Protection is a brand that specializes in high-end mtb protection. Their product line ranges from helmets, back protection, chest, and joint protection. Their products are famous for their durability, comfort, quality, and innovative design.

One of their products is the 7 Protection Flex Knee Guard which is a mid-weight knee pad that is designed for various types of riding.

The  7 Protection Knee Guard incorporates the use of hard cap and foam protection, the combination is wrapped in a tough material thus creating a durable and comfortable knee pad. The knee pads feature a shape that is pre-formed in such a way that it can fit comfortably even when you are in a bent knee position.

Unlike most knee pads, the 7 Protection Flex Guard does not slide up or down even after extended periods of intensive riding. This is because each knee pad has a center strap that wraps around your leg, which in turn ensures that the knee pads do not slide or slip. There is a 2nd strap on the upper calf that holds the bottom part in place. You could do without this strap if you purchase the right size.

The flex knee guard has an open-back design that significantly increases breathability. It also comes in handy when bend your knee. The Flex knee guard should be your go to pads if you are looking for serious protection. They are ideal for downhill racing and you do not have to worry about sides of your knees due to the soft fabric liner.

The outer fabric is durable and can take several hits without showing signs of wear and tear. The Flex knee pads offer the ideal impact protection you will need for mountain bike rides. Each pad has a wrap, which means that you don’t have to take off your shoes when wearing and taking off the knee pads. You can also customize the setup of your knee pads to take advantage of the additional levels of protection.


  • iDP polygon neoprene
  • Wrap design
  • Cap & foam combination
  • Surpasses the CE EN 1621/1 standards

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Race Face Ambush 


mtb knee pads Race Face Ambush

First Look: Sleek, comfortable and stylish.

The Race Face Ambush Knee Pads have a hefty price tag, which could be attributed to the D30 PU inserts and their flexibility. They are available in 5 sizes and can be worn or removed without necessarily taking off your shoes. The Ambush knee pads have an open-back design that allows you to tweak the fit to your liking.

Get the Race Face Ambush Knee Pads Here

Since comfort and protection is a top priority, the Race Ambush knee pads seem to have to mastered the art. The level of comfort exhibited by these knee pads is nothing short of impressive. They are so comfortable that you will probably forget that you are wearing knee pads.

Ambush knee pads have a terry-lining that mops up sweat to keep you cool during hot weather. One aspect that is worth mentioning is that Race Face Ambush knee pads are relatively heavier than some of their counterparts with DH protection. However, this should not worry you since they are very comfortable and are ideal for hiking and pedaling for extended periods.

As mentioned Race Face Ambush knee pads have D30 PU inserts which are vital in maintaining their flexibility. They are very comfortable when pedaling and stiffen up in case of any impact. The knee pads have additional  sculpting which is designed to locate and stabilize the covers.

Race Ambush knee pads have all-round coverage that spans the whole knee area. Such level of coverage ensures that your knees are well defended against bumps and knocks. The D30 protection located at the front is tasked with dealing with the major crashes while peripheral protection shields you from handlebar and frame knocks.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • D30 PU inserts
  • 600D nylon
  • Large rubber tabs and two elastic Velcro straps
  • Open-back design

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mountain bike shin guards

POC JOINT VPD knee pads may not have the fanciest name but they are worth checking out. They are products of a Swedish company that specializes in protective apparel.

The JOINT VPD Knee Pads have borrowed a few features from the DH-oriented VPD 2.0 and combine them with features derived from POC’s VPD Air Line. This combination creates a knee pad that is not only lightweight but also provides unparalleled levels of protection.

The JOINT VPD system knee pads are available in five sizes.

Most of the impact protection can be attributed to the Visco- elastic polymer dough otherwise known as VPD. The material is very pliable but hardens up in case of any impact.

On the outside, the fabric is carefully stitched from a polyamide yarn that has a very high tenacity. The polyamide yarn is vital in the durability aspect since it has high resistance to cuts and tears.

Initially, the polyamide yarn was used by POC in making protective ski gear where cuts and tears from sharp edges are significantly high. These pads do not have Velcro straps, which means you, will have to remove your shoes when wearing them. However, instead of Velcro straps, JOINT VPD system knee pads have elasticized cuffs combined with silicone grippers to provide sufficient slip resistance.

The Joint VPD knee pads are squishy and soft. They will probably be the most comfortable knee pads you’ve ever won. When wearing them, it feels like you have small pillows on your knees. The only difference is that these pillows are extremely resistant. They will harden up immediately you hit the ground. The Joint knee pads are temperature sensitive and will match the shape of your knees without causing chaffing or discomfort.

When put into use, the Joint VPD knee pads worked as advertised. Well, it does not feel good hitting the ground or anything for that matter but the VPD knee pads will absorb most of the impact. They are among the best mtb knee pads for trail riding.


  • Weight: 337 grams
  • High tenacity polyamide yarn
  • Impact absorbing inner layers
  • Elasticized cuffs combined with silicone grippers
  • EN 1621-1 certified

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ION K_Lite R 


mtb shin guards ION K-Lite- best mtb knee shin pads

ION was launched in 2004 with their main product line being wetsuits and neoprene products. In 2012, they added a  bike division that focused mainly on gloves, accessories, protection and functional clothing. Since then, ION has managed to provide top level protection for riders around the world.

The ION K_Lite R are surprisingly light considering their level of protection. They boast of protection levels that can rival that of heavy duty knee pads. The best thing about the ION K_Lite R is that they are stylish and not as bulky.  Looks might not be a major concern when it comes to knee protection but still a stylish knee pad would not be bad, right?

In terms of fit, ION knee pads have a nice snug feel, flexible and feel flexible on and off your bike. The knee pads have a snug loop closure that secures the lower thigh and upper calf. There are also sticky neoprene bands that secure the knee pads in place. The length of each knee pad is perfect any longer and you would be uncomfortable. They comfy to walk in and you will not feel any cutting on your shin bone or thigh areas even after wearing the knee pads for extended periods.

ION K_Lite R are the improved version of ION K_Lite. When making this model, ION opted to focus on improving freedom of movement and enhancing climate comfort. Each knee pad uses a breathable neoprene referred to as Super Perforator Neoprene which helps reduce heat accumulation under the sleeve. This in turn reduces resistance to pedal movements.

ION is known for using third party protective materials when making its knee pads. In most cases, SAS-TEC is always their top pick but this time ION opted for a high-density memory foam. Having a high-density memory foam allows for improved breathability and flexibility. This means that you can wear your knee pads all day long.

The high-density foam is shaped in such a way that it wraps around your knee for adequate protection. In addition to the HD foam, ION knee pads have thick foam panels for extra cushioning especially for your shins.


  • High density memory foam
  • Perforated neoprene construction
  • Anti-bacterial treatment
  • Available in Four distinctive sizes
  • Anti-bacterial treatment
  • Aramid fibre front

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661 Recon Knee Pads


SIXSIXONE Recon Knee Pad mountain biking pads

“lightweight and comfortable”, these will probably be your first impression after wearing the 661 Recon Knee pads. They are arguably the slimmest and lightest knee pads ever made by 661.

They are designed in such a way that even riders who prefer riding without knee pads will opt to wear them due to their lightweight construction.

Although the Recon knee pads are lightweight they do a pretty good job in protecting your knees since they incorporate the use of an ergonomic Poron XRD plate. The XRD plate provides enough protection for your knees and shin area.

The Recon knee pads have specifically been designed mountain and trail riders who are looking for sufficient knee protection but are not willing to compromise on features such as flexibility and comfort. Since they are lightweight and comfortable, you do not have to take your knee pads off on the climbs. The Recon knee pads are available in four sizes and you can also purchase the elbow version of the same.

Recon knee pads design includes the combination of Lycra & Mesh paneling which offer a stretchy fit that feels like that of a knee warmer. Each knee pad has elastic cuffs at the top and bottom. In addition to that there is also an elastic panel that is located at the back of the knee.

The Recon Knee  pad’s design includes an opening at the back which helps minimize material bunching as you bend your knee while pedaling. This helps decrease chaffing which in turn increases comfort.

When it comes to fit, you are sure to enjoy rocking these mtb knee pads. They have a snug fit and the feel is unrivaled. In terms of practicality, the Recon knee pads hold up well with a few issues here and there. For example, once you put them on they fit perfectly but after a few hours you will notice that the elastic cuffs are moving up and down. It is even more noticeable if you have big calf and thigh muscles.

In terms of protection, the recon knee pads hold up well in high-speed crashes even with its 10mm padding. However, if you are going to ride on rocky terrain it is advisable that you opt for heavy duty knee pads such as the 661 EVO knee pads.


  • Padlock connection systems which are compatible with 661 bib shorts
  • 2 Elastic cuffs
  • Breathable sleeve construction
  • Poron XRD impact foam

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G- Form Elite Knee Pads


G-Form Elite Knee Pads- bicycle knee pads

The G-Form brand has a philosophy that entails eliminating pain and getting rid of any fear associated with pain. G-Form Elite knee pads are easily recognizable due to their exoskeleton-like design. The pads are not only lightweight but also versatile since they can be used by cross country riders.

The knee pads are available in four sizes which seem to fit perfect except for those with large calfs. The pads gripped the legs perfectly providing a snug fit, which will come in handy in case of a crash. With a tight fit, you are assured that your knee pads will stay in place and protect your knees if you crash. You will also have to take off your shoes before you put them on.

One of its most impressive features is their flexibility and softness. Although these knee pads are soft, they stiffen up thus dissipating hits. The feature is known as Impact-absorbing Reactive Protection Technology (RPT). The RPT technology is actually patented. The company claims that these knee pads have been certified for motorbikes. For a knee pad to meet the standards required for motorbike armor, its knee protection must be impression.

Instead of making the pads bigger so as to get sufficient coverage, the G-Form knee pads are designed in such a way that they protect vulnerable areas of the shin and knees. G-Form also incorporates body mapping to ensure sufficient coverage without necessarily adding the extra material.

After all the hype, how do these knee pads hold up in actual crashes? Yes, they held up pretty well. After a few rides with crashes here and there I didn’t feel the need to nurse my knees even after violent crashes. To my surprise, the pads even protected my knees from the top tube. The knee pads did good job in protecting the sides of my knees.

The G-Form Elite Knee pads have a long compression sleeve which when combined with the right pair of socks you will have your leg fully covered.


  • Mesh back panel
  • Impact-absorbing RPT padding
  • CE EN 1621-1 certified
  • Upper & lower grip bands
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Available sizes are S-XL

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Dakine Hellion Knee Pads


Dakine Helion Knee Pads

Better known for their bike apparel and bike packs, Dakine is now venturing into the protection market and the Dakine Hellion Knee Pads is one of their top products.

The Hellion knee pads are  designed for downhill riders. The manufacturer has dubbed it the downhill-oriented knee pad and says that it is the ideal knee pad for mountain bikers looking for a comfortable pad on their way up and down.

Get the Hellion Knee Pads Here

When it comes to fit, Dakine has a chart that you can use to crosscheck your thigh and calf measurements against its size chart. The Knee pads are available in three distinctive size that is small, medium and large.

The Dakine knee pads incorporate the use of AriaprenePro- a material that is known to deliver the following qualities:

  • Water resistance
  • Durability
  • Four-way stretch
  • Lightweight range of thickness

Other than the above qualities there is not much that the AriaprenePro has to offer but one thing is for sure; AriaprenePro holds up quite well in crashes. You will be surprised that even after several crashes your knee pad will not exhibit any signs of tear or fraying.

The Dakine Hellion pad uses foam padding but there is very little information on the type of foam padding used. However, that should not be a bummer since after several rides with the Hellion knee pad the padding feels similar to other knee padding especially the visco-elastic foam. This means that instead of having a hard plastic shell on the inside or outside the Hellion knee pad hardens on impact. The fabric is pretty flexible which comes at an added advantage since it will not slide in case of a crash.

Other than the main knee cap pad, it also has softer pads that are located on both the inside and the outside. The softer pads are sure to protect your knees from tube hits. Unlike most knee pads, the Dakine Hellion knee pads has a single strap that runs from the top of the pad and around the thigh. The strap is elastic and had a Velcro enclosure. Perhaps the only downside of this knee pad is that you have to take off your shoes before you can remove it.

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Troy Lee Designs 5450 Knee Pads


Troy Lee Designs KG 5450 K- best knee shin guards mtb

Troy Lee Designs have come a long way since they released the T-Bone knee pads  and seem to be improving their designs with every product they make. The Troy Lee Designs knee pads are tough, easy on the eye and comfortable.

The first thing you will notice is the strapless design which works better than expected. Even after extended periods of biking and hiking or engaging in activities that would normally make your knee pads slip or slide, you will be surprised to note that the Troy Lee Knee pads held up well.

Troy Lee knee pads are super lightweight and the sizing is simply impeccable. And since there are no straps you have to wear them like socks. They fit perfectly and grip your legs in such a way that they do not slip up or down. They are comfortable and do not leave you with marks.

Although there are many knee pads in the market, very few can match the Troy Lee Designs 5450 knee pads when it comes to breathability and comfort. The 5450 knee pads have a mesh construction that not keeps the weight down but also provides airflow.

Troy Lee knee pads are designed with a tapered elastic sleeve combined with Lycra low-compression zones.  You have to be careful here since the fitting cannot be tweaked to your liking, you will want to buy the right size.

When it comes to protection, each knee cap has a hard but flexible plastic that is surrounded by foam. The additional foam helps improve protection around your knee caps. On the inside, you will find a gripper style print, which is similar to what is found on braking fingers of gloves. This design ensures that the pads remain in place for long.

In additional to the flexible plastic, you will also get Shock Doctor Technology.


  • Shin Guard provides enhanced low-profile protection
  • Strata foam
  • Mesh construction
  • No-slip grip zones
  • Shock Doctor Technology
  • Internal High-impact knee caps
  • X-FIT supports the elastic mesh sleeve for provide unparalleled levels comfort

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Leatt’s Airflex Pro Knee Pads


Leatt Airflex Pro Knee Pads- best enduro knee pads

Leatt is well known for its light duty knee pads but they have recently ventured into the heavy duty line and the Airflex Pro knee pads are some of Leatt’s top products. In terms of protection, the Airflex pro knee pads are somewhere between the 3DF Airflex which offers less protection and the Hybrid lines which offer more protection.

The Airflex pro feel like knee warmers but have knee padding, this means that they are not only lightweight but are also designed with intense pedaling in mind. Airflex pro knee pads protection entails a material known as Armourgel, which is basically a visco-elastic polymer. Using Armourgel ensures that your knee pads are flexible and comfortable but also hardens on impact.

Unlike the original 3DF Airflex, the Airflex pro has an additional layer of padding above the knee cap and along the sides. They may not be best suited to protect your knees from hard impact but they will help reduce pain in small crashes or in case you smack the side of your knee against your bike’s frame.

The most impressive feature of the Airflex Pro is that the company made the knee pads as breathable as it could. The Armourgel pad has tiny perforations that allow air to pass through. Each pad has cutout behind the knee and an open weave, which all add up to make the Airflex Pro one of the most ventilated knee pad. Such breathability will come in handy especially on trail rides.

Almost all Leatt products are CE certified, however, this does not necessarily rule out uncertified knee pads as inferior. The CE certification only gives you a sneak peek of what you are getting. It is worth noting that the Airflex Pro has a CE EN1621-2 certification, a test that was initially designed for testing motorcycle gear.

The Airflex Pro knee pads can ward off pointy obstacles and can survive attempted punctures as long as it’s not a speeding bullet.


  • Pre-curved 3D design
  • CE tested & certified
  • MoistureCool and Airmesh fabric
  • Side and upper knee protection
  • Silicon printed non-slip cuffs and cupped knee grips
  • Weight: 300g per pair

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Fox Launch Pro D30

 Fox Launch Pro D30- mountain bike knee pads reviews
The last few years has seen the protection world drift from the traditional plastic armor to suitable alternatives that rely more on science than on brute force. Fox racing is among the brands trying to build on this idea and the Fox launch Pro D30 is a testament of this.

With the Pro D30, Fox Racing decided to combine a removable protective cap and a C3 certified insert. The Fox Launch Pro D30 stood out in our research since it’s solidly designed to offer maximum knee protection, thanks to its D30 padding that boasts of high levels of impact absorption. It features thick padding and flexible caps that will handle even the worst impacts you can imagine.

The Material used to make these pads is skin friendly; you do not have to worry about sweat rashes or irritation. You can wear the Fox launch knee pads for long distances due to their light-weight nature (396g/pair). 

Being among the best mtb knee pads, they do not interrupt pedaling movements at all. Moreover, the Launch Pros are perforated in the Neoprene so as to enhance breathability.

You’ll note that these bike knee pads have a hole at the back of the knee as well as, a curved shape that help improve comfort. You can ride in them for a long period without experiencing any restriction.

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Alpinestars Men’s Knee Protector

Best mountain bike knee pads- Alpinestars Paragons

The Alpinestars are my favorite knee pads of all times. I have been using them on most of my trail rides and I can’t complain about them.

The paragons are so comfortable to an extent that you might forget you are wearing knee pads at all.

Unlike the shitty knee pads that slide down your legs to become leg warmers, the Alpinestars MTB knee pads will stay in the right position. Riders who have been using the Paragons have never complained about sagging issues.

You’ll agree with me that whatever Alpinestars designed was super awesome!

For the Padding sections, the Alpinestars are using a soft, polyurethane pad. These pads have offered me great protection when I slammed my knee into horrible rocks. I have to admit that the level of protection in this pad is similar to the D30.

The only odd thing about these biking knee pads is they don’t have substantial padding on the sides. If you need knee guards that will offer great protection on the sides of the knees, you can opt for the Fox Racing Pro knee pads or the Race Face Ambush.

Leatt 3DF Hybrid EXT Knee & Shin Guard

best mountain biking knee pads
The Leatt 3DF guards offer protection to your knees and shin areas. These mountain bike knee pads are a combination of comfort and protection.

Being among the best mountain biking knee pads, they feature soft plastic reinforced 3DF padding to provide enough protection and mobility at the same time. The outside of these knee protector has silicone lamination that helps keep the 3DF deflecting shell in place.

The pads are embedded in wicking and breathable material; at least you won’t complain about sweating. The good thing about the Leatts is that they fit snugly due to the silicone lamination and hook & loop straps at the both ends.

These MTB knee pads are ideal for serious mountain bikers who are seeking for maximum protection. Those who love rides motorcycles can use these guards.


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IXS Flow Leg Protector

mountain bike knee guardsIf you are looking for the best MTB knee pads that do not have so much padding, then you should purchase the IXS flow model. These cycling knee pads may not the lightest but they are considered as top performers in terms of comfort and safety.

They have Silicone grips as well as a Velcro strap that wraps around the calf muscle area. These features ensure that the knee pads do not slip or shift when pedaling. The rear part of the Knee guards is ventilated to increase comfort and flexibility.

The padding is made from “X-matter” as the company claims. This padding is efficient in terms of flexibility and absorbing big impacts. The outside of these knee pads is made from strong and tough Kevlar to enhance durability.

These awesome bike pads only weight around 300 grams which is ideal for most riders. Their size allows you to roll them and carry them in your rucksack easily. The only odd thing about the IXS Flow pads is that they do not have padding on the knee sides.

Incredibly,  IXS flow pad model is ideal for trail riders who want to keep their total weight down, and those who do not mind about high levels of protection.

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IXS dagger leg protector

mtb knee guardsThe IXS daggers are great for mountain bikers who love speed and are looking for serious knee protection. These biking knee pads are associated with a famous rider known as Darren Berrecloth. He helped design this awesome knee guards to serve fast riders.

The outside of these MTB knee pads is covered with hard plastic that prevents injuries from rocks or sharp objects. The hard shell spreads impacts as well as preventing the padding from tearing. The Daggers have foam sections fixed around the main padding; they come in handy to protect the sides of your knees from scratches.

The looks of these guards may make you think that they are so stiff; you’ll be surprised that they have the flexibility that you need when riding at high speeds. The sleeve sections are made from aero mesh to allow air circulation.

Internal silicone grippers and Velcro straps helps to keep the daggers secured in place, thus providing long hours of comfort. The Daggers are ideal for free riders and downhill riders who want some serious protection.

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Gone are the days when cyclists used to ride mountain bikes without enough body protection. Things have changed and people have embraced the fact that protection is an important factor in any sport.

Before you go for a ride with your friends, it is advisable to check out our guides on the following attire:-

 Mountain Bike Knee Pads buying guide

When it comes to mountain biking the main goal is always to have fun , explore and exercise but there also comes a time when you have to prioritize safety. And if it is not on your priority list you might want to rethink your priorities.

Knee pads and helmets are arguably the most important elements of your mountain bike protection. For example if you happen to be involved in a bike accident, your head and knees take precedent over your arm joints since you are not pedaling with your arms.

To get sufficient protection you might want to settle for the best mountain bike knee pads and if you get knee pads that are sold together with elbow pads the better.

Why are knee pads so important in mountain biking?

For you to understand the importance of mtb knee pads you ought to know what they are designed to protect. The part in question is the knee, which is not only vital for pedaling but also walking. The knee is one of the largest if not the largest joint in the human body and to add to that it is also very complex.

Your knee joint is more like a car piston; it is in constant up and down motion as you pedal. The knee is vital in helping your pedals thus giving your mountain bike motion. If you are experiencing even the slightest pain in your knees, your ride might not be as comfortable and fun since you will be putting your knees to extreme usage.

Protecting your knees will not only allow you to ride without worry but it will also you to keep up other forms of exercise such as walking and jogging.

Choosing the best mtb knee pads

Knee Pad Design

Basically all knee pads have the same design that is a tube with padding. However, the design changes depending on the brand and intended use. Most knee pads have padding on the sides and front. The best mtb knee pads should stay in place even in case of crash, they should be flexible and provide adequate protection to your most sensitive areas.

Some pads will come with extended upper sleeves, which are designed to prevent the knee pads from slipping down. The extended upper sleeves also cover any gaps between the knee pads and the short. However, not everyone is a fan of extended sleeves which why some brands have knee with Velcro or zips. The inclusion of Velcro allows for easy removal of the pads without necessarily removing your shoes.

Level of Protection

If you are a casual mountain biker or a cross country rider, thin knee pads should provide enough protection. However, if you are a serious mountain biker with impressive skill to match you might want to consider opting for mountain bike knee pads with serious protection.

Preferably, opt for knee pads with hard density foam and padding on the sides. This will not only protect your knees in case of a high speed crash but also protect the sides of your knees.

If you prefer riding on rocky terrain, it is advisable that you opt for mtb knee pads with hard shells as they prevent rocks from piercing your knee pads.

There are also pads with special foam that is said to harden on impact. Of course, they tend to be a little bit more expensive but they are worth every penny. With such knee pads, you can ride for long hours without complaining about discomfort.

Knee Pad Types

  1. Lightweight- lightweight knee pads mostly focus on a slim fit and offer minimal protection. They are designed for all day use and they are so light that you will probably forget that are wearing any knee pads. The level of protection offered is enough to prevent skin loss and fend off scrapes. The best mtb knee pads in this category is perhaps the 661 Recon Knee pads.
  2. Trail- when it comes to protection trail knee pads are somewhere in the middle. They are lightweight but as light as the ones discussed above. After a few hours of riding you will start feeling the weight and it will get hotter. However, they provide better protection than lightweight knee pads and are ideal for singletrack riding.
  • Heavy-Duty – heavy-duty knee pads are built to withstand even the biggest hits and offer sufficient protection. They provide enough coverage and incorporate padding in almost all the surfaces. In terms of desirability, they are at the bottom of the pile and are not the most ideal pads for pedaling. Some of these pads will come with shin protection and are ideal for downhill tracks. The best mtb knee pads in this category are perhaps the Fox Launch Pro.

Knee Pads Size

Most mountain bike knee pads are available in three major sizes small, medium and large. When looking at size you want a knee pad that will fit your legs perfectly since correct fitting is vital. You see a loose knee pad will do you no good especially if your preferred terrain is rough. Picture it this way, you are riding through your favorite terrain and you are involved in a high speed crash but your knee pads were down, what happen? You will probably incur a knee injury, which could have been avoided if your knee pads fit perfectly.

However, that does not mean that you should wear tight knee pads since it will restrict blood flow and it will be uncomfortable for you.

Knee Pad Material

Now that you have an idea on the right knee pad size it is time to know more about knee pad materials. They are so many options some of which include cotton, plastic, silicone, rubber, elastane, neoprene, polyester, and polyurethane.

Materials such as cotton are added to offer support and provide the surface needed to hold protective materials in place. Each material has its unique benefits, which is why it is advisable to consider the qualities you want before settling on materials. For example, neoprene has rubber-like properties that allows for enhanced flexibility and resistance to water.

It is important to note that knee guards do not guarantee untouchable protection in case of an accident. Accidents do happen and your knee pads can only protect you to a certain extent. However, investing in the best mtb knee pads will help mitigate the damage.

The 10 Best Mountain Bike Shorts for 2018

best mountain bike shorts




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Before you hit the trails with your buddies, it is imperative to have mountain biking specific attire for you to stay comfortable and protected. Failure to dress accordingly means that you will not enjoy the sport. For this reason, Furious Bikes will help you choose the best mtb shorts you can buy in 2018 and enjoy the sport.

With the high number of MTB shorts in the market, many mountain biking enthusiasts find it difficult to choose the best pair to complement their style of riding. I thought it would be great to take you through how you should choose the best mountain bike shorts. Hope you will find my reviews and buying guide helpful.

Zoic Ether Shorts

best padded mountain bike shorts
If you’ve been to mountain biking for long, you definitely recognize the Zoic Ether Shorts as one of the superior mtb shorts. The Zoic Ether shorts managed to scope the winner of the best mountain bike shorts in 2018 after scoring well in all our tests. Moreover, it retails for half the price of other shorts that we have reviewed.

We also noted that the recent models of the Ether shorts has seen impressive improvements. For starters, the new version comes with a revamped waist adjustment, as well as high quality zippers. Despite the new improvements, the manufacturers have kept the price to be competitively low.

The other great feature about the Zoic shorts is that they have loads of pocket storage space. If you fancy owning a short with several pockets, the ether shorts are for you! They have six pockets that ideal for keeping items that you need to access regularly. Amazingly, The right leg has a zippered pocket that comes with a headphone port meaning you can listen to music from your phone as you ride. Other than riding, you can wear this short during other outdoor activities.

The Zoic Ether shorts are awesome in terms of pedal and fit friendliness. They have enough room that allows you to have an improved pedaling perfomance. Zoic is among the most comfortable mountain bike shorts you will come across.

In terms of protection, the Ether shorts did not score so well. This is because they are made from a lightweight material. If you are looking for an MTB short that will offer enough protection then you should go for the Troy Lee Ruckus.


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Fox Racing Solid Shorts

Fox Racing Ranger Solid Shorts
Fox Racing Ranger Shorts is has one of the best looking designs. Its fit and performance is simply impeccable. The Fox Racing Shorts features an updated chamois and construction which makes it ideal for off-road adventure.

Although there are numerous companies in the cycling clothing industry, Fox Racing still remains to be one of the most resilient companies. Its products are a testament of this and the Fox Racing Ranger Shorts is a good example. The Ranger Shorts have become a favorite for many professional riders due to its signature colors.


  • Durable Mid-weight 2-way stretch fabric that is comfortable and abrasion-resistant
  • Trail Fit that ensures that your waistband remains in place even when climbing.
  • Adjustable Waistband
  • Four Pockets- Right cargo pocket is zippered while the left cargo pocket is Velcro flapped


  • Decent Chamois Liner
  • Good cut and Fit
  • Great waist adjusters


  • Could use more ventilation

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Przewalski Men’s MTB Shorts

Przewalski MTB Shorts
The Przewalski MTB Shorts features a 6.5 inch inseam internal spandex underliner that you can either snap in or wear independently. Its inner shorts are fast drying and come with a high performance pad combined with soft silicone leg grippers that are added to improve comfort during long rides.

The shorts also have a 4-piece premium crotch pad that is designed using durable multi-density foam. The multi-density foam is not only ideal for comfort but also anti-shock. Other notable features include the open cell structure that allows for easy transportation of water thus keeping fresh and dry.

With its four-way stretch fabric, the Przewalski MTB Shorts can draw excess heat and sweat from your skin thus keeping you dry and comfortable. The inclusion of an essential pocket makes it easy to carry your stuff and the zipper ensures that they are secure.


  • Elastic back waist
  • Secure zippered pocket on right leg
  • Soft silicone leg grippers
  • Premium crotch pad
  • 4-way stretch fabric


  • Reflective logo for high visibility
  • Convenient pocket on the right leg
  • Comes with belt loops that allow users to wear their own belts
  • Comfortable and lightweight padding


  • Only one zippered pocket

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Endura Hummvee Baggy Shorts

Endura Humvee Baggy Cycling Shorts
Although the Endura Hummvee Baggy Shorts are a little bit expensive they are worth the price. Unlike most cycling clothing companies, Endura tries to focus more on practicality, comfort and not to forget ruggedness. You will get experience all these features with these of pair of shorts.

Like most mtb shorts, Endura Hummvee has plenty of pockets to help carry your stuff. The pockets have zips and Velcro, which should come in handy during your mtb rides. The Endurra Shorts has the perfect combination of design and durability as they are designed with mountain bikers and cycle couriers in mind.


  • Zipped mobile phone pocket, two front zipped pockets, cargo pocket and 2-rear tabbed map pockets
  • Side zipped ventilation
  • Nylon fabric with durable water repellency
  • Seamless inner leg panel
  • Mesh Clickfast Liner
  • Double and triple stitched panels
  • Adjustable belt


  • Quality Construction
  • Eight Convenience
  • Heavy Fabric, which is ideal for cold weather


  • The pockets could use a heavier gauge of zipper


Ynport MTB Shorts

The Ynport MTB shorts features 100% nylon making them lightweight, breathable and dry easily. They come with an adjustable waistband that blends in well with the short’s design.

Other than being lightweight and breathable, the nylon material is also comfortable due to its increased elasticity. Its waistband adopts an ergonomic design that makes it easy for you to adjust the size to your preferred fitting.

The zippered pockets make it easy for you to carry your essentials when mountain biking. At the back of your pants you will find a lid pocket that is ideal for carrying valuables. The Ynport shorts are arguably one of the best mtb shorts as they are not only ideal for mountain bike rides but also hot weather offroad rides.


  • Zippered and lid pockets
  • Neatly flat suture
  • Ergonomic design
  • 100% nylon
  • Highly elastic fabric
  • Reflective brand logo


  • Anti-drop and anti-theft pockets
  • Reflective logo ensures that night rides are seamless
  • Highly breathable and lightweight


  • No padded inserts
  • Order a size up if you have thick legs


TOMSHOO Mountain Bike Shorts

TOMSHOO cycling shorts
The TOMSHOO Shorts are the best mtb shorts for riders who prefer carrying around several objects and devices as they embark on their trail rides. It has five pockets; 3 of which are zippered while the remaining two are hand pockets.

The shorts have a loose-fit design, which includes an elastic waistband that should make the shorts a comfortable fit. The 100% polyester fabric is a much needed feature due to its superior breathability and moisture wicking properties.


  • 100% polyester fabric
  • 3 zippered pockets and 2 hand pockets
  • Elastic waistband
  • Pockets mesh panels
  • Super lightweight


  • 3 secure pockets
  • Integrated ventilated mesh panels
  • Fast drying


  • Not long enough to provide sufficient coverage when seated


Single Tracker Mountain Bike Shorts

Single Tracker Mountain Bike SHorts
Are you looking for an mtb short that has the perfect balance of functionality and professionalism but still manages to look casual? Then the Single Tracker MTB Shorts is exactly what you need. The Single Tracker Mountain Bike Shorts have deep secure pockets that only help to keep your essentials safe but also keep them dry especially from elements such as perspiration.

Both the inner and under panels have double stitches to help improve durability and strength. The double stitch design is incorporated in such a way that it does compromise the internal flat seams that are designed to prevent chaffing.

The most notable feature is the G-Tex undershorts that’s padded unparalleled comfort. You also get to enjoy riding in the rain as the Single Tracker MTB Shorts have a water resistant Cordura.


  • Anti-bacterial padding
  • Double stitched inner and under panels
  • Water resistant Cordura
  • Secure Zipped Pockets


  • Secure and easily accessible pockets
  • Water resistance
  • Seamless under panel helps reduce friction


  • The sizing could be better


 Ally Men’s MTB shorts

best mountain bike shorts

The Ally shorts is an ideal garment for people who love mountain biking. These shorts are designed to fit you perfectly during trail rides and normal cycling. Incredibly, these shorts are made from a protean water repellent material.

This material will offer great protection during cold weather and downpour. Besides, the zips are waterproof too meaning that your belongings will remain dry no matter the circumstance. These shorts incorporate taped seams throughout.

We found these shorts to be so comfortable due to the elastic waistband; it will definitely hold your shorts in place.  The loose fitting design, fastener tape and mesh lining are all features that ensure you’re always comfortable.

For those who love carrying phones and other items when cycling, you’ll love the heaps of pockets present in this shorts. The pockets have large storage space that you could utilize to carry your Samsung or iPhone.

In terms of permeability, these shorts are highly permeable to allow sweat to escape away and keep your skin throughout as you ride.

What we like

  • Has waterproof material that keeps you dry even in cold weather
  • It has deep pockets
  • Great zippers

What we didn’t like

  • The shorts do not have padding

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Bpbtti Mountain Bike Shorts

Bpbtti MTB shorts
The Bpbtti MTB Shorts features a removable liner that has an improved design which includes increased thickness on the saddle and side areas. Its padded lining has antibacterial properties; wicking finish and a dimpled structure that helps improve comfort especially at the pressure points. The padded liner is about 9 inches while the outside shell is about 12 inches.

The Bpbtti shorts have 2 side pockets that are deep and well designed for easy and secure access. There is also a rear zip pocket that is ideal for holding keys, cards and cash. With the Bpbtti shorts you also get an adjustable waist with Velcro closure which allows for a custom fit.


  • Removable gel padded inner
  • Two side pockets and a rear zippered pocket
  • Adjustable waist
  • Mesh vents on front thighs


  • Mesh vents allow for optimal breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Removable padding
  • Ideal for hot weather


  • The side pockets could use zippers
  • The rear zippered pocket may not be ideal for holding hard or bulky things


Men’s ATD Cargo MTB shorts


best padded mountain bike shorts

The Men’s ATD cargo shorts by Aero Tech Designs are meant to serve mountain bikers in a good way.  If you are not a fan of road shorts, you can opt for these awesome mens padded mountain bike shorts.

I love its style because it allows free movement when cycling.  Amazingly, these shorts are loose fitting to allow air circulation, as well as, enhancing comfort. What I love these shorts is that they are two in one; by this I mean it has an inner liner short.

The inner liner has cellular urethane that acts as a shock absorber. With these MTB shorts, you do not have to worry about sweat; its material is breathable and allows perspiration to move away from your body.

Also, the inner liner short is fitted with Black pearl crotch pad that acts as cushion between the saddle and your pelvic area. The inner shorts are made of Nylon and Lycra to ensure that you remain comfortable.

The outside of the shorts is made from Tason Nylon Shell, which gives it a rugged feel. These shorts are available in the following colors

  • Navy Blue
  • Charcoal
  • Black

What We Like

  • It has two side pockets
  • Quality padding
  • Loose fitting

What we didn’t like

  • The Sizing is a bit off (make sure you buy the next size up)

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

How to Choose the best mountain bike shorts

In this section, we are going to focus on some key factors that you should look for when making a purchase decision. They will help you land the perfect mountain biking shorts you’ve been longing for.


If you want to enjoy high comfort levels when mountain biking, then you must choose a short that has good material. Remember that the type of material will also depend on the season.

If you are planning to use your mountain bike shorts for time trailing or racing, you’ll need an Aero short that is designed to have aerodynamic features in the material. Shorts with this material will help you save energy when riding.

For hot weather conditions, you’ll need to wear shorts whose material is breathable and comfortable. In addition, you should ensure that the material has the ability to wick away sweat.

Make sure that the material is designed to withstand harsh conditions. Besides, it should have water repelling properties that ensures you stay comfortable at all times.


To have an enjoyable and comfortable ride, you ought to purchase padded mountain bike shorts. Even though most of shorts will have a liner, it is important to check if they are well padded. Some might have a single layer of padding while others are thickly padded.

The padding layer is popularly known as the chamois. The main reason is because chamois goat leather was a main raw material when making shorts liners.

The Chamois pad is a very important feature of MTB shorts because it acts as a cushion between the saddle and your body. With a good chamois pad, it will be easy to spend a lot of time cycling without experiencing pressure sores.

Always pick a short whose seat pad has seamless stitching, enough cushion and few seams as possible. In case you feel the pad is not enough, you can always use chamois cream to regulate the friction.


When choosing a good pair of mountain bike shorts, you need to consider the variety of features it has to offer. Make sure that each feature will add value during your ride; otherwise, it is good to keep it simple.

One of the key features is deep pockets to help you carry a few items during your ride. You will find that most of the MTB shorts have pockets, but you will find that you do not need them if you have a good hydration pack. During our test rides, we found the Zoic Ether Shorts to have the highest number of pockets which was six. Other shorts have two or four pockets to be precise.

The other impressive feature you need to consider is whether the shorts have an adjustable waist mechanism. An adjustable waist will allow you to snug up the waist for a comfortable fit. My two favorite designs are the Velcro band and the hook and loop design.

The other important feature worth consideration is protection against UV rays. As a cyclist, you have to protect your skin from harmful rays especially when riding for long hours. Choosing a garment that features UV protection will go a long way in keeping your skin safe.


Before you buy a mountain biking short, you need to determine whether it will last you for at least a season of serious riding. If the shorts are not designed to last you for long, then do not waste you money on them.

Make sure that the shorts can be machine washed without losing their color. I found out that shorts with thick and abrasion resistant material tend to hold up well in terms of durability.


Although color is not an important feature when choosing a mountain bike short, it is important to pick the one that suits you. Shorts are available in different colors; however, it is always good to go for a black one. This is because it does not show dirt even after wiping oily hands on them.

Light colored shorts tend to be a bit expensive but they are not the best choice. They tend to reveal your body when they get wet. Always stick to the black color, it never disappoints!

Style of Riding

Your style of cycling plays a key role in the kind of bibs or shorts to purchase. If you are looking for shorts that will provide maximum protection during rail trails and Cross-country Mountain biking, choose those with a comfortable fit and gel chamois.

Pro cyclists can choose from some of our handpicked MTB shorts since they all feature a fit that keeps you comfortable at all times. They will prevent you from hot spots and sores all day.

Size & Fit

Before you add your shorts to your shopping cart, always check that the size is correct. You must ensure that the item does not feel baggy or too tight.  Do not forget to check the length of the inseam too. Experts recommend that the best inseams range from 8” to 9.5”. Comfort is always an essential factor; choose a pair of shorts that does not have irritating stitching. The fact that a short feels good does not imply that it will hold up on the saddle.

Why Do You Need Mountain Bike Shorts?

They have a unique style that favors trail and MTB riders. These shorts have additions that make them useful for MTB riders. For starters, they feature lightweight nylon fabric that is meant to protect you against branches and the rough experience with ground.

Lycra shorts are so thin that they can’t offer this kind of protection. Incredibly, MTB shorts come with multiple pockets that will help you keep your keys or any other important item. In addition, these shorts also feature efficient cooling events to keep air circulation at maximum levels.

Most of the MTB baggy shorts are fitted with a chamois that acts as a cushion between your underside and the saddle. You’ll find that some of these shorts have a removable liner to make cleaning easier.

Even though most mountain biking shorts will come with zip-secured pockets, it is not good to carry sharp or heavy objects. Also, do not stuff your pockets to the brim if you want a smooth and comfortable ride.

It is always good to pick a mountain bike short that has adjustable and comfortable waist. This way, you will not have any problems adjusting the shorts with gloved hands.  

Most people prefer shopping for ¾ length shorts since they offer extra warmth and knee protection. Be sure to check the fit, otherwise, you might end up buying oversized shorts.



Bike lovers will agree with me that cycling can never be enjoyable without ensuring that your body stays protected at all times. It is for this reason that you should invest in the best mountain bike shorts since they are designed to enhance your cycling experience. If you follow our buying guide and top ten reviews, you’ll definitely land yourself what you’ve been looking for. Make sure that this article will help you make an informed decision.



















Best Fitness Tracker for Cycling- Top 5 Choices for Cyclists

best fitness tracker for cycling

Despite the crazy popularity of cycling specific computers, I am a firm believer that a GPS watch is the most convenient and best fitness tracker for cycling.

I prefer cycling GPS watches because their features and functionalities are simply amazing.

If you are the type of cyclist who does not like to check your stats while in action, then you should definitely invest in the best bike watches available.

Best Fitness Trackers for Cycling- Quick Answer

Here are the 5 best fitness trackers for cyclists in 2018. You can choose any one of these and be assured that you’ll never miss a track.

  1. Apple watch series 2
  2. Polar M200
  3. Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch
  4. Garmin FitBit Surge
  5. Moov Now

No. 1 Best Fitness Tracker For Cycling: Apple watch series 2

best fitness tracker for cyclingBattery life:- Can last up to 18 hours

Screen size:- 1.64 inches x 1.04 inches x 0.39 inches

Compatibility:- Bluetooth

Connectivity:- Bluetooth, WiFi & USB

Training Data:- Heart rate, distance, altitude, speed, time & Calories

Most people complained about the first model of the Apple watch series 2. This was attributed to the reason that it was not waterproof, and that the heart rate monitor had to piggyback to your smartphone so as use the GPS.  Good thing is that Apple has integrated GLONASS and GPS; you do not have to carry your phone so as to record an activity.

When you need to record your activities, you just have to use the various iPhone apps such as Strava, Cyclemeter GPS, Apple’s native workout app and Map my ride. With the help of these apps, you can record metrics such as heart rate, speed, elevation gained, cycling route and distance. The only issue is that when using the workout app, you cannot export the data to 3rd party applications.

Apple series 2 watch uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your iPhone, and has the ability to display apps and notifications on its 1.5 inches display. Another awesome feature is the 802.11b/g/n wifi that enables the watch to connect to the internet directly. You can use this smart watch during rain or showers thanks to its water-resistant property.


Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

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No: 2 Best Fitness Tracker for Cyclists- Polar M200

best gps watchesBattery life:- Up to 30 days of 27/7 activity tracking with the notifications turned off; up to 6 hours when using the GPS and optical heart rate
Compatibility:- syncs with Polar Flow app on iOS & Android
Connectivity:- USB & Bluetooth
Training Data:- Can measure distance, calories burned, Time & heart rate
Weight:- 40 grams
Screen size:- visible area diameter is 26 mm, 1342 pixels



The Polar M200 is one of my best fitness tracker for cycling; I appreciate the fact that it is one of the most affordable bike GPS watch that has a greater versatility than more expensive watches.  The watch features an inbuilt heart rate sensor and integrated GPS skills. This wrist-based cycling tracker is efficient in tracking a wide range of metrics you wish. You can connect the watch so that it displays notifications directly through to your wrist.

The screen size is large enough to display glanceable real time data. The watch does not have impressive graphics, but it displays metrics in a simple and clear manner. The watch has a physical button that cyclists can use to cycle through live heart rate data, speed and lap times. The data displayed is always detailed and deep.

With the M200, you can track core metrics such as speed, distance, ascent, heart rate and calories burn in an in-depth manner. The watch allows you to overlay heart rate and speed graphics so that you can analyze in-depth details at every single point along your journey.

The M200 has its own app that works incredibly, however, this does not imply that you cannot use other popular tracking apps. I have recommended this app to most of my friends and they definitely loved its capabilities and features.

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

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No. 3 Best Tracker for Cycling- Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch

best fitness trackerBattery Life:- The battery lasts 10 hours when in GPS mode and 8 days when in watch mode.

Training data:- Heart rate, speed, cadence, distance, time, calories and altitude

Compatibility:- It uses the ANT+

Connectivity:- Bluetooth 4.0 & USB

Screen size:- 205 x 148 pixels

Garmin has been the leading expert in designing GPS navigation systems. Their expertise has extended in manufacturing the best fitness tracker for cycling. As soon as the GPS wearable watches became popular, Garmin was able to join the bandwagon with great and successful devices.

As a cyclist who loves smart watches, I must admit that this device features an excellent touchscreen design. For starters, the screen has a high resolution and is always readable even when there is sunlight.

The device has a GPS powered application that tracks the distance you ride, time spent, calories burned and the average speed. This fitness tracker for cyclists is compatible with most Garmin accessories such as cadence sensors, heart rate monitors and other cycling related accessories such as bike speed. It implies that the smart watch is ideal for cycling looking for serious exercise as well as casual use.

The Vivoactive can sync with the Garmin connect mobile; an app that works as a social media platform and tracker. The app will motivate you throughout your exercise since you earn badges from your participation. Besides, you can use the up to join fitness challenges with friends.

The Garmin vivoactive Smart watch comes with the Elevate Heart Rate technology that monitors your heart rate around the wrist area. You do not have to wear a chest strap when using the Garmin Vivoactive model.  I appreciate the efforts by Garmin to ensure that this cycling gps watch is water resistant.

Vivoactive weighs only 38 grams, meaning that its lightweight for you to wear all day. It also features a high-end GLONASS/GPS chip, Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with your smartphone and ANT+ that you can use to connect to all compatible accessories.

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

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N0 4. Garmin FitBit Surge

fitness tracker for cyclingBattery life: Can last for 7 days & GPS battery life of 10 hours (this data may vary with settings, usage & other factors)
Bluetooth 4.0 & WiFi
Tracking data:
Time, distance, speed, calories burned & all day activities
Small (5.5-6.7 inches); Large (6.3-7.9 inches)


The FitBit surge is one of the best fitness tracker for cycling that boast of its GPS capability. It’s one of the best devices in the FitBit models. Its large LCD wrist display enables to you to view live stats as you ride through trails. In addition, it features a backlit touchscreen that you can opt to control using the three side buttons.

Cyclists can use its GPS technology to track a cycling route and performance in terms of pace, burned calories, heart rate and elevation. You can track metrics without having to carry your phone with you. Athletes have been using the FitBit surge in activities such as circuit training, kickboxing, cycling, swimming, lifting weights and yoga. You just have to choose the type of sport you want to engage in at the Exercise menu.

When you select Cycling as your activity, the watch will acquire a GPS signal so that it can display your average speed, miles covered per hour, calories burned during the ride and our heart rate. After you are done with your ride, you just need to press the finish line button and it will display a summary of your tracked metrics. You can retrieve the summary and map of your cycling route by logging into the application.

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

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Moov Now Review

best fitness tracker for bikingBattery life:- Can last for 100 hours of active coaching & 6 months of activity tracking
sensors:- Magnetometer, Accelerometer & Gyroscope
Connectivity:- Bluetooth 4.0 (low energy)
Sports programs:- Running, Cardio Boxing, cycling, sleep tracking and swimming
Weight:- 6 grams

Display mode: LED feedback diode


One of the most unique features about the Moov Now is that you strap it one your ankle. This fitness tracker has a tiny pod that sits comfortable on your ankle at all times. In addition, it is fitted with silicone straps to ensure that you remain comfortable even during long distance rides. This feature also enhances accurate motion tracking. We cannot dispute the fact that this smart watch is great in terms of bike-friendly abilities.

The Moov Now will help you know the number of rotation you put through the pedals and the manner that they reduce when you get tired. This data is calculated at an interval of one minute. The main disadvantage of the Moov Now is that you cannot see the real time data. It lacks an inbuilt GPS and this means that you have to invest in a bike phone mount so that you can use your phone.

Moov Now App

Despite the shortcoming, the Now comes with an inbuilt coach that gives audio feedback when riding. This training data acts as an active coach and it offers great tips throughout your ride.

For the Moov Now fitness tracker to work well, yo must pair it with your iPhone or android phone. Yo will be require to download the Moov Now app at the play store or iTunes App Store. With this app, it is easy to listen to music while paying attention to your workout status updates.

Its features are a clear indication that the Moov Now is one of the best tracker for cycling. In fact, it is designed to provide cycling-specific metrics such as route difficulty and the tallest climb you rode your bike. The only disappointment is that it lacks a heart rate sensor which is an important feature for cyclists.

Additional Activities you can track using the Moov Now

Other than using the device as an indoor or outdoor cycling coach, you can use it for other sports and activities, these include:
1. Running
2. Activity & Sleep
3. Cardio boxing
4. Swimming
5. Cardio workout
6. Walking


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How to choose the best fitness tracker for cycling

Nowadays, the market is full of many devices that are promising to help you improve your fitness and health. This is an issue that presents problems to cyclists when trying to choose a bike watch that has the right features. Our goal is to assist you weed through the available options by pointing out the key features and factors you should look for.

Check for ANT +/ Bluetooth

Bluetooth is one of the key features you should look for when choosing a cycling watch. Bluetooth connectivity is important because it allows you to connect the GPS watch to your smartphone. Most smart watch brands allow cyclists to download crucial metrics.  With Bluetooth connectivity, you can create and edit activity modes.

Incredibly, watches with Bluetooth connection can display your phone notifications. Different watches will show various notifications, but you can adjust and limit them to just texts and calls when in action.

You’ll note that Garmin’s watches rely on the ANT+ protocol to link to cadence sensors. They also have the Bluetooth feature that connects to your smartphone. In addition, most of the best cycling watches can connect to your WiFi network. This helps you synchronize your rides without having a smartphone connection.

Check for Power meter support

If you plan on riding with a power meter, then it is wise to confirm that the cycling watch of your choice has a power meter support. You may be surprised that some of the most appealing activity trackers do not come with this feature; others will have certain limitations.

Choose if you want to use buttons or touchscreen

With current technology advancement, multisport watches and GPS head units are using touchscreens. I support that this is an awesome feature; however, I find the watch screens to be quite small for my fat fingers.

When looking for the best fitness trackers for cycling, I always look for the button lock feature. It would feel so bad when you realize that you paused your watch unknowingly when cycling. Ensure that your bike watch has a button lock to prevent such frustrations.

Check the quality of the Screen and strap material

The strap material does not play a major role here, everybody is entitles to their preference. Most of these smart watches have flexible silicon bands while others come with fabric and leather bands. You can also change the straps if you like.

Nowadays, Plastic screens do not exist; in fact, they do not offer resistance to scratches. Companies have realized that cycling fitness trackers should have mineral or Gorilla Glass screens. These screens do not get scratches or break easily. In case you are willing to spend on high-end units, you can get those with crystal or sapphire screens.

Ensure that the cycling watch has in-built sensors

For a watch to fall in the category of best fitness trackers for cycling, it should feature a couple of sensors. Quality watches will have an in GPS that helps track your ride. In addition, these watches are designed to connect to the GLONASS network so as to enhance accuracy. In addition these watches require you to connect to your smartphone so that you can track speed and distance.

The good thing about smart watches is that you can use them for sports such as swimming, mountaineering, and running. The latest models of smart watches have introduced wrist based heart rate monitors. These watches have the power of reading all the electrical activity in your heart when in action. The sensors must be in direct contact with you skin so that the machine reading can take place.













Best Mountain Bike Wheelsets For the Money- Mountain Bike Wheels to Fit Your Wallet

best mtb wheelsets for the money

A mountain bike has different components and each of these components play a key role in determining how your ride will be, but perhaps one of the most important components is the mountain bike wheels.

The ideal mountain bike wheelset will be determined by a number of factors not just one.

You have to understand how each element contributes to making the wheelset perfect as it is the only you will get to purchase the best mountain bike wheelset for the money.

The choice of the best mountain bike wheels will only become harder due to the numerous brands that are in the market with each claiming to be better than the other. These factors will help you make a better choice:

Wheel Size

Perhaps the most important feature; wheel size will determine the actual size that will fit your mountain bike. Nowadays, there are 3 prominent wheel sizes 26”, 27.5” and 29”. A keen look at your tires will reveal the wheel size that the replacement should be.

26” Wheelset

Over the years mountain biking has experienced several changes to the wheel size, however, the original 26” wheels still rock even today. They are a favorite choice for many mountain bikers due to their strength and rigidity which can be attributed to the shorter spokes. 26 inch mountain bike wheelset include a couple of options such as full wet spikes, superlight XC semi-slicks and DH models. Spares for these wheels are still in plenty.

27.5” Wheelset

Lying somewhere in the middle, the 27.5” wheelset combines an array of attributes borrowed from the 29” wheel and the 26” wheel. If your frame can accommodate more than just 27.5” wheels, you can try out the fatter 27.5”/650b wheel size. The 27.5”/650b wheel not only delivers a wider tire but also increases the outer diameter to match that of a standard 29er tire, which is ideal for riding for rough single tracks.

29” Wheelset

Often known as 29ers, 29” wheels have the same diameter as the good old 700c road wheels. They exhibit unparalleled climbing characteristics, which makes them the preferred option for riders looking to indulge in a cross country experience. The larger wheel diameter comes at an added advantage as it is less likely to be affected by dips and bumps in mountain bike trails.

Other than the 29er wheels there is also another size, which is the 29+ size. However, not all 29er bikes have the space to accommodate the leviathan wheels. If your bike can accommodate the 29+ wheel size then be ready to enjoy an experience close to that of a fatbike.

Carbon vs. Alloy Rims

Carbon rims are a common feature on high end wheelsets while the aluminum alloy rims are commonly found on budget wheelsets.

Carbon rims tend to be stiffer and lighter compared to alloy rims. The stiffer the rims the better. If you have ever ridden carbon wheels you will agree with me that the ride feels supple, smooth and the precision is simply impeccable.

Although carbon rims to have the upper hand in this case, alloy rims have a better pricing at a near perfect performance. Sporting alloy rims will simply mean that you are sacrificing on features such as ultimate stiffness and lightness but other than that your ride should be just fine.

Axle Standards

The last several years has seen axles transition from the quick-release axles to the more secure thru-axles.

A few years ago, the most common axles were 100x15mm for the front axle and 142x12mm for the rear thru-axle. However, the desire to improve wheel stiffness has prompted manufacturers to lean towards the wider axle spacing which entails a 1100x15mm for the front axle and 148x12mm for the rear thru-axle.

Most high end mountain bikes will have the boost axle spacing however if you are not a fan you will find just the right axle standard for you.

Tubes or Tubeless

The debate on whether tubeless systems are better than tube systems is not over and the end does not seem to be near. In such a case it all boils down to your personal preference.

However, you can also look at the upsides and downsides of each before making a decision. For example, tubeless system have proven to be lighter and come with the added benefit of self-sealing especially the tiny punctures. The downside is that they are a little bit expensive and messy when dealing with a flat. On the other hand, inner tubes tend to be easy to replace and affordable. The downside is that they are prone to punctures.

All in all tubeless wheels seem to have an upper hand over inner tubes as they allow for an enhanced grip and a drastic reduction in punctures. If you are serious mountain biker, you could really use tubeless wheels.

Rim Width

The last few years has seen a drastic increase in rim width for both mountain and road bikes. The internal width is perhaps the most critical dimension as it will go a long way in determining the shape of the tires.

A narrow rim decreases the tire volume thus giving it a rounder profile while a wider rim increases the tire volume thus giving the tire a flatter and squared-off profile.

Wider rims are said to increase tire stability thus making your mountain bike feel more predictable even through corners. However, it is advisable to pair your bike with specific rim widths as large variations in rim width can result in unwanted situations such as less grip through turns.

Pre-Built Wheels or Self Spec?

The classic wheel upgrade used to involve ordering all the parts of your preferred wheel separately after which they were delivered to your home and crafted specifically for you. The method always did the trick but nowadays prebuilt wheels seem to be better as they as they are perfectly built with all the components designed to work perfectly.


As always, your budget is one of the key determinates of the type of wheelset you get. Some companies will even go the extra mile and offer replacement or repair policies at no cost. However, for you to get such after sale services you might want to spend a little bit more than you are used to.

Our Top Picks for the Best Budget MTB Wheels

Vuelta Zerolite 26 inch Mountain Bike Wheelset

Not only does these pair of wheels have an impeccable rating but the pricing is also mindboggling. For less than $100, yes! You read that right less than a $100 dollars, the Vuelta Zerolite display a performance and functionality close to that of Mavic wheels. The deal does not get any better than that.

The Vuelta Zerolite are some of the most versatile 26 inch mountain bike wheelset as they are ideal for both trails and pavements. With such versatility you are sure to conquer both mountain bike trails and road bike trails since the wheels do not confine you to specific surfaces. Besides, the wheel size makes it easy for you to control your moves and maneuvers even in tight places.

Other than having the smallest wheel size, the 26 inch mountain bike wheelset has CNC-machined sidewalls that allow for an improved stopping power. For optimum stopping power, you can incorporate the use of disc brakes which when combined with the 3-cross lacing and 24 spokes (front and rear) you get an extremely strong pair of wheels.

Being small makes for a rather lightweight frame, which mean that you not be in a position to maintain control of your bike but you will also enjoy a smooth ride. When it comes to design, the Vuelta Zerolite are compatible with top quality tires and are offered in two distinctive colors black and white.


  • 26” Mountain Bike Wheels
  • 0mm plain gauge spokes
  • 26mm medium-V rim
  • 8/9/10 cassette compatibility (7-speed with spacer)

Sun Ringle Rhyno Lite

Are you looking for an affordable 29” mountain bike wheelset that is compatible with both rim and disc brakes? Look no more, for Sun Ringle Rhyno Lite is just the perfect wheelset for you.

The Sun Ringle Mountain bike wheelset is one of the best 29er wheelset for the money as they are not affordable but they can also withstand rigorous use even from the worst abusers.

The versatility of the Sun Ringle Rhyno Lite is unrivaled as they are compatible with most 29 inch bikes and the brake system doesn’t prove to be much of an obstacle. They certainly can’t claim the price of the lightest wheels but their durability is unmatched. They will probably outlast your frame.

The Sun Ringle Rhyno Lite Wheels feature a lightweight aluminum body combined with steel axles to deliver impeccable strength and resilience. The addition of Borazon polished ball races allows for high sleek rolling performance and high precision durability no matter the terrain you choose to conquer.

For easy maintenance of the ball bearings, Shimano has included double contact sealing that shuts out water, mud, dirt and dust from coming into contact with the bearings thus increasing their durability.


  • Advanced Brake Track for controlled stopping power
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • Nickel brass plates eyelets
  • 8/9-speed compatible
  • 6000 series aluminum construction
  • Lightweight aluminum skewer

WTB STP i25 29” MTB Wheelset

If you are a big fan of hand crafted items then the WTB STP i25 Wheelset may be just right pick for you. The mountain bike wheelset 29 is hand-built although not fully since the spokes are extended fully by use of a pushing machine. This means that the spokes cannot extend further even a few rigorous rides.

The WTB STP mountain bike wheels are ideal for cross country and mountain trails. The rim is made of alloy which makes it a little bit heavy as its weight stands at 9.77lbs.


  • 29” x 2.2
  • Disc brake compatibility is 6 bolts disc
  • The rim size is 25-559
  • Rear hub D482TSBT
  • Shimano 8,9,10 and 11 speed compatible
  • Internal rim width is 25mm
  • Kenda 1.9/2.3 FV48 (Inner Tube)
  • Front Hub D481SBT

Mavic Rim 29er Mountain Bike Wheels

Although Mavic wheels are not cheap they certainly have a lot to offer. The Mavic Rim 29er MTB wheels have been designed to offer a smooth but aggressive ride.

The inclusion of a responsive rim design allows the wheels to adapt to different surfaces. This design also allows the wheels to take a beating even after taking a ride through rough terrains. They are tough, strong and durable. They will hold up well on sand, roots, hard pack and rocky terrain.

The Mavic 29er Wheels are compatible with almost all 29er Mountain bikes. They are equipped with smooth running but durable Shimano hubs. To make the deal even better, you get a free pair of Race King 180TPI 29 x 2.2inch tires. These are top rated tires and a pair goes for close to $80.


  • Aluminum Alloy Hub with smooth ball bearings
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum black finish
  • 29er Presta Valve tubes
  • Front & rear quick release skewers
  • 135nn rear and 100mm front axle spacing
  • 7,8,9 and 10 speed cassettes (7-speed with spacer)
  • Spokes count is 32 for the rear and 32 for the front wheel
  • Double wall clincher
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum Rim Material
  • Disc brake is 6 bolt compatible

Sta- Tru STW 26” Mountain Bike Wheel

The Sta-Tru MTB wheel features a sleek design with durability like no other. It’s made from materials that have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that the wheel can withstand heavy use and rough terrain. This means that even after several months of rough terrain, your mountain bike wheels will look as good as new.

The use of silver as the main color makes it easy for you to match the wheels with any coloration. In addition to that, the alloy rims have 36 holes which are designed to not only increase durability but also increase strength. The wheel is also lightweight and stands at 26” with a thickness of 1.5”.

To ensure that the enviable sleekness lasts for longer, the UCP spokes are designed to be corrosion resistant. The wheel also has a 26.5mm silver rim, silver spokes and a sliver hub. The 26.5mm alloy rim is ideal for Casual Mountain biking; however, it may not be the ideal mtb wheel for advanced mountain terrains.


  • Quick release axle
  • 36 hole hub
  • 297mm cup spoke
  • Bolt on axle system

Shimano MT15 29er Wheelset

Since Shimano is a renowned brand we decided to check out one of their top rated mountain bike wheels. Among the top was the Shimano MT15 29er Mountain Bike Wheels whose features are similar to that of the Mavic 29er Mountain Bike Wheels.

The Shimano wheels are designed to be comfortable and rigid such a way that you can accelerate and also turn corners without much fuss. The wheels have a double wall clincher and a 6061 T6 Aluminum rim material.

Unlike some of the low range mountain bike wheels, the hub bearings of Shimano Wheels are corrosion resistant which not only increases durability but also reduces services intervals.

Just like with the Mavic 29er Mountain bike wheels, you will also get a pair of Continental Race King Tires (29 x 2.2 inch). Other than the free tires, you will also get the Pure Grip compound and pre-installed 29er Presta Valve tubes.


  • Standard front & rear Shimano quick release skewers
  • Stainless flat blade spokes
  • 28 rear and front spokes
  • Shimano 7,8,9,10 & 11 speed cassettes (7-speed with spacer)
  • Smooth ball bearings
  • 2 Cross Nipple Lacing
  • Compatible with disc brake centerlock
  • 135mm rear spacing and 100mm front spacing

Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Computers in 2018


Best Mountain Bike Computers

With so many mountain bike computers in the market and all of them proclaiming themselves as the best, it can be a tad hard to buy the best mountain bike computers if you do not get some information first. However, with our detailed reviews, you should find the best easily.

We all have our different reasons as to why we want to buy the best mountain bike computers and most of these reasons revolve around monitoring speed, heart rate, logging cycling data, tracking routes, etc.  All these functions can be combined and instead of having multiple devices to keep track of the data you can opt to for a mountain bike computer.

And why a mountain bike computer? Simply because mountain bike computers have all these functions and many more integrated into their systems. They are also reasonably priced, convenient and you get to connect your device to your smartphone. You also get to share your experiences with friends and family.

10 Best Mountain Bike GPS Computers Reviews

Editor’s Pick

Garmin Edge 810

If you are interested in purchasing a mountain bike computer that will keep track of all your details while you are enjoying your ride, then this bike computer might just the right pick for you. Like many Garmin products, the Edge 810 has sophisticated features that are not only designed to make your ride more fun but also come in hand in different situations.

The Garmin 810 allows you to record all your routes, upload them on social media or share the information with other riders using Garmin Connect.

Other than monitoring speed, incline, distance and elevation of your ride, the mtb computer is also compatible with ANT+ sensors which are used to measure speed, power and heart rate. After you are done with your rides, you can easily access your data and share it if you want to.

The incorporation of a touchscreen makes it easy to change outlines and navigate through the menu. The computer uses Bluetooth to transfer the recorded data to your phone. It allows you to activate Live Tracking which makes it easy for your friends to track you. In addition to that, Strava keeps your location and stats updated on the map.


  • User- friendly interface
  • Compatible with several maps such as BirdsEye Satellite Imagery and Garmin Custom Maps
  • Live Tracking feature
  • Ride sharing capabilities
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible


  • Only primary roads have been installed

Garmin Edge 520

The Edge 520 is another interesting mountain bike computer from Garmin, and as usual it does not disappoint. It has ANT+ sensors compatibility which includes speed/cadence sensor and heart rate monitor. The Garmin Edge 520 is one of the most versatile bike computers since it has almost all functions built into it. For example you can calculate your optimum cake intake, VO2 max, functional threshold power and even recovery time.

If you prefer indoor training as opposed to outdoor fun, then this might just be the best bike computer for you since it is compatible with indoor bike trainers. According to Garmin, the battery of the Edge 520 can last for close to 15 hours. However, in reality the battery life is a bit lower than stipulated.

In addition to the 15-hour battery life, the Garmin Edge 520 has mastered the art of connectivity by allowing your computer to connect with smartphones through Bluetooth. You can also sync your bike computer with your smartphone which will allow you to receive texts, email alerts, calls on your Garmin Edge 520 while enjoying your ride.

The Garmin Edge 520 also has Live & Social Data tracking which comes with a three month trial of Strava.


  • Sufficient memory capacity
  • Strava Live
  • VO2 Max
  • Recovery Advisor
  • Heart rate monitor


  • Has heart and speed monitors
  • Includes new features such as cycling dynamics and functional threshold power (FTP)
  • High Resolution Display
  • Syncs with phones to receive texts, email alerts and calls


  • Backlight drains the battery very fast


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Sigma Sport BC 8. 12 Bike Computer

The Sigma Sport BC8. 12  bike computer is ideal if you are looking for an entry level bike computer since it helps to check on the basic functions. Ideally, it has three bike functions and two-time functions that help to track your readings. For the bike readings, you can use it to check your speed, distance and total distance.

It has a time function; you are able to read normal time and ride time. The clock automatically starts and stops based on movement and it is quite ideal for an entry level bike computer. It runs on battery, which comes with the device.

Being an affordable and having a minimalistic design makes it an ideal entry computer bike. This is an exciting computer to have on your sports bike. It makes outdoor activities more fun and enjoyable. Like the water bottle or biking mug holder, this computer is easy to mount on the bike.


  • It comes in a waterproof body
  • Has full texts that displays body language
  • Has an automatic start and stop function that is detected automatically on movement
  • Has an on and off scan mode
  • Has a twist lock item that makes it easy to mount on the bike


  • Does not show temperature


Check Current Price On Amazon


RisePro Wireless Cycle Computer

This is one of the best wireless bike computers on a budget if you are looking for something affordable. It is also easy to install and one can even get tutorials on how to do it on YouTube.

Since it is waterproof, you do not have to worry about using it while in the rain. The manual is easy to understand and has good quality reading and monitoring when moving.

It also has an automatic on and off function and as a bonus, the bike computer has a backlight as well. It is ideal to use because it gives you real time data and you are able to track your progress.

RisePro Wireless Bike Computer has a 4-line display for organizing different cycle data.


  • Quite affordable
  • It is wireless
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Tracks data in real time
  • The readings on the screen are quite clear


  • To maintain signal, you may have to adjust the sensor and magnet

Raniaco Wireless Bike Computer

It is an ideal wireless bike computer that gives you value for money. By touching any button, the LCD light can turn up and this can be helpful if you are riding your bike at night. It is also easy to install and the figures are easy to read as you cycle.

It is easy to use an unclip as well for security has several features that make it ideal to use and measure your speed, distance and time in real time. The screen also allows for you to look at the readings on a quality screen.


  • It is waterproof
  • It is wireless
  • Has an LCD screen which you can use at night to light the way
  • Easy to use and install
  • Quite ideal for its price


  • The LCD light may turn on after 6pm and may not be helpful if it gets darker early

Planet Protégé  – Wireless Bike Computers

It has a green LCD backlight, which can help while riding in the dark. The bike computer is wireless and water proof, which makes it ideal if you have to ride in the rain. You can easily use it to measure speed, distance and riding time should such information be important for you when keeping fit. It is also easy to use it on any bike. Easy to use an install and it comes with a manual that helps you to use it easily. It comes with a sensor and a magnet that helps you to get better experience while using the computer on your bike.


  • It is quite small
  • Can help you measure useful statistics without using your phone
  • Build on very high quality
  • It is water resistant
  • It is also wireless and has LCD backlight


  • Has a delicate plastic clasp that can easily snap if you are not careful with it

West Biking Wireless Waterproof Cycling Bike Computer

It has an LCD digital display that helps you to easily read your statistics. It has various features, which helps to make it multi-functional. The bike computer is light in weight, wireless and water proof and this makes it ideal to use convenient and durable. The bike computer helps you to measure speed, distance, overall riding time taken which is crucial information for serious cyclists. It has light, which can be useful at night to help light the bath if you are riding in the also has power saving function to help with increasing the battery life and saving power.


  • Wireless bike computer
  • It is water proof
  • Has power saving features
  • Comes with a spare battery which is quite helpful
  • Easy to use and install


  • Light comes on after 6:00pm and if it gets darker then that you may not enjoy the light function which can however be reprogrammed

SOONGO Bike Computer Speedometer Wireless Cycle Computer

SOONGO bike computers are easy to use and install and one can easily get YouTube tutorials to help with the installation process. Apart from speed, distance and riding time, it can also measure tire circumference, used as a stop watch among many other functions cause of its amazing features.

It is wireless and waterproof and this makes it quite durable and long-lasting. It also comes in a great design and has intelligent feature such as the backlight that can be used during night riding. It gives real time data and the computer is small and light in weight making it easy to carry on your bike effortlessly as you ride.


  • It is wireless
  • It is waterproof
  • Ideal for its price giving value for money
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Records and displays data effortlessly on its quality screen


  • It has a very sensitive sensor that can turn on when it detects any motion

Suoaki Wireless 2.4 GHz  – Mountain Bike Computer Review

The bike computer shows you more than just basic speed. It shows you current speed, maximum and average speed. It is easy to see this information on display and you can easily tell if you are going faster or slower than your average sped.

It is easy to use and operate with information being digitally coded and being free from environmental interference. It is also quite easy to double check the information with a simple button.

The bike computer comes in a stylish design that makes it easy to mount and unmount on your bike and it has a function that helps it to conserve power. The smart bike computer also allows you to measure calories, rotations per minute and other useful data. It is a perfect gadget to take with you when you want to take your mountain bike to your outdoor vacation rendezvous.


  • It is water proof
  • Has a stylish design
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Being digital, it is free from environmental interference
  • It has a lot of great features that makes it quite handy to use


  • The little manual book and writings may discourage you set up process

YS Bicycle Waterproof Multi-functions Computers

YS produces some of the best mountain bike computers. This one is ideal for measuring current and maximum speed, riding distance and time. It is wireless and waterproof making it ideal to use when it is is easy to use and install and also quite convenient to operate.

Can be used on various bikes for an array of adventures including helping you to measure your data in real has a fairly large screen to help in reading your data and it is light in weight to help you use it effortlessly. It can work in a variety of temperatures helping you to record your data within such change in temperature.


  • It is light in weight
  • It is waterproof
  • Easy to use and operate
  • You can use it on a variety of bikes
  • Has large screen to help in quality display of data


  • May fail to work in extremely low temperature that is below 0 degrees

Cat Eye Velo 7 – One of The Best Mountain Bike Computers

The bike computer can be used to record a variety of data from speed, riding time and distance which makes the gadget quite useful. It is easy to use and operate and this makes it convenient for bikers especially.

The display screening is large enough to show the data in real time and high is environmentally friendly, power saving and power saving. Stylish design is also very aesthetic and was clearly build to last.

Apart from being waterproof, it has light to help in the dark and you can also monitor your readings in the dark too. It gives value for money for a product of its price range


  • Comes in a stylish design
  • Built to last
  • Large screen to help in quality display of data
  • Light in weight
  • Power saving and environmental friendly


  • Range between the sensor and magnet is fairly low but not a big problem

CatEye – Strada Wireless Cycle Computer

CatEye Strada Wireless Computer for bikes has a large screen and the data can be seen from any angle when you are riding on your bike. It is waterproof and this means that it will not be affected on rainy days. It has a warning sign when it is going low on power.

It automatically switches itself on and off and this is quite idea. The computer is quite easy to use operate and install. Tracking of various parameters such as speed, distance, time and temperature is possible with the computer.

For its price, it gives great value for money and indeed it is one of the best mountain bike computers. It is also wireless and this makes it ideal to use without the many connections.


  • It is wireless
  • It is waterproof
  • Easy to use install and operate
  • Has a large screen where you can read data from any angle
  • When the power is low, it gives off a warning


  • If not installed correctly, it may have some syncing issues

Choosing the Best Mountain Bike Computers

Types of MTB Computers

Mountain bike computers are classified into two main categories:

  1. GPS-enabled Computers
  2. Non-GPS Bike Computers

GPS-enabled computers relay more accurate measurements of both speed and distance since they use GPS signals as opposed to wired sensors. This means that the data is more detailed than that collected using non-GPS bike computers

Most GPS-enabled computers are compatible with phones or computers which allows you to important information like speed and distance.

When it comes to non-GPS bike computers they are mostly beneficial in measuring temperatures, cadence, and heart rate. They use wired sensors to measure speed and distance covered.

Battery Life

Battery is one of the most important features to look for when shopping for the best mountain bike computers. You want a battery a full ride on a single charge or even better a battery than last for not just one ride but several.

Ease of Use

You want to buy a mountain bike computer that is easy to configure and use. The ideal mountain bike computer should have an easy setup and its functionality should not be complex. The navigation should be smooth and the important features should be easy to access. That said Garmin products should be high up on your list if you are looking for an mtb computer that’s easy to use.

Startup Time

If you opt for GPS mountain bike computers it is advisable that you check the startup time. You want a computer that does not take long to acquire satellites. The faster a computer is the better. Once your mtb computer acquires the satellites, you can hop onto your bike and ride into the forests or mountains.

Water Resistance

Since this is mountain biking, you most likely to get wet or even get caught up in rainstorm. With that in mind a water resistant mountain bike computer would really come in handy. You never know what will happen so it is best to be prepared.


You need to figure out the exact features that will be of use to you. And since mountain bike computers come with a ton load of features, your ‘list’ of features will help you make the right decision.

Some of the key features include; stress score, data collection method, live tracker, smartphone connectivity, ANT+ compatibility, Bluetooth compatibility, mapping and route options.


Hopefully this information will be of use to you in your quest to find the best mountain bike computer.














Best Mountain Bike Trails in Moab, Utah


Moab is renowned for its technical trails, which offer mountain bikers a wide variety of trails to choose from depending on their experience level. Moab is the ideal place for both beginners and seasoned mountain bikers who are looking for a challenge. You simply can’t get enough of these trails. As you scale the trails you will get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the beautiful mesa tops to the world renowned canyons.

Some of the best trails include:

Klondike Bluff Area

To get to Klondike Bluff Area, you will drive 17.5 miles north of Moab, Utah on Highway 191. Turn right on Bluff Road and drive for another 3 miles to a trailhead on your left.

Klondike Bluff Trailhead

The Klondike Bluff consists of an 8.2 mile trail to and from the Klondike Trailhead and 14 miles out and back from the highway. The Klondike Bluff is moderately difficult as it has some easy sections and others that are physically challenging. The challenging sections entail technical climbs some climbs being as high as 600ft. The Klondike Bluff presents the perfect opportunity for novice mountain bikers to horn their biking skills.

Baby Steps Loop

Baby Steps Loop is 20.7 miles out and back from Highway 191 and 14.9 miles out and back from the Klondike trailhead. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking that riding through this trail will be easy because it is not. The baby steps loop involves a 1700ft climb and it has two sections that are specifically designed for use by mountain bikers. The two sections are semi-technical and should be fun even for experienced mountain bikers. The last singletrack section consists of a downhill trail, which makes it the ideal section for adrenaline junkies.

Other notable Klondike Bluff Area trails include:

EKG- 5.3 miles from the Dino-Flow Trails

Mega Steps – 3.1 miles from the Baby Steps Loop

Alaska- 3.6 mile loop that connects the north end to the Mega Steps high ridge

Whole Enchilada

The Whole Enchilada trail system consists of 6 trails that make up a 25 mile downhill run. The 25-mile trail system spans from La Sal Mountains to Colorado River.

Burro Pass

The 4.2 miles Burro Pass trail is considered to be the most difficult section of the Whole Enchilada. It is ideal for experienced riders with advanced skills. The trail consists of a 700ft climb in less than 1 mile and an 1860ft descend in just over 2 miles. The average grade is 14% but there are also sections that exceed 20%. It is advisable that you check your brakes before you attempt the Burro Pass trail.

Hazzard County

Stretching for approximately 2.9 miles, the Hazzard County is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders. The Hazzard County trail begins with a 200ft climb and then the rest is downhill. The average grade is about 9%. The trail is a mixture of fun and fast. It starts at the Hazzard Trailhead and ends at the Las Sal Loop Road.

Porcupine Rim

The porcupine Rim is approximately 11.9 miles with obstacles that are not that easy to navigate even for advanced users. The average grade is about 7%.

Lower Porcupine Singletrack

The LPS trail is among the most challenging sections in Moab. The trail split into two; the North Section and the rim ride section. The rim ride section is a little bit difficult, which should be the perfect challenge for riders with little to moderate experience. The Notch is designated for experts. LPS has an average grade of 11%.

Upper Porcupine Singletrack

The average grade is 6 %. The UPS is moderately challenging as the track includes ledges, dry washes, rocks and roots. If the track proves to be challenging you can always take a break at the primitive campground just close to the UPS. The end of this singletrack is the beginning of the Lower Porcupine Singletrack.

Kokopelli Leg

The Kokopelli Leg is a two-track section that drops approximately 550 ft to the start of the UPS. It is moderately difficult as the only tedious thing is dodging rocks. The Kokopelli leg has an average grade of 7% and a length of 1.8 miles.





Best kick scooters for commuting


In the past kick scooters were mainly used and known for kids. However, in the recent times adults too are using kick scooters for commuting. They are being used either for leisure in parks or economical mode of movement from one place to another or around the neighborhood. In some places it is used for sports. Use of scooters comes with benefits since one is able to exercise the body and it doesn’t pollute the environment. What’s more a scooter is a cheap machine and easy to learn how to use it. It is also an amazing chance to meet new friends and socialize in the estates.


Which are the Best Kick Scooters For Commuting?

Razor A5 lux kick scooter

It is made from aluminum which ensures its durability. They are commonly known for their light weight of around 4.5 kilograms with the capability of carrying a rider’s weight of a maximum of 100 kilograms. It is easy to fold for store or carry while commuting thus making it the best kick scooters for commuting. Razor A5 lux has big wheels and rear brakes; this help in controlling the speed. However, it has a small deck hence when one has large feet it might be difficult to place both of your feet.


  • They are flexible
  • Easy to build speed
  • Affordable and from a well-known brand


  • Breaks wear with time

Exooter M2050 black kick scooter

It is an aluminum made scooter, black in color. It has an immaculate design with world class technology incorporated.  Here the wheels differ in size, since the front wheel is bigger than the rear wheel having a diameter of 240mm and 190 mm respectively. This enables one to ride scooter in uneven pavements with ease. Due to its technological advancement, one is able to fold the scooter and keep in a back pack. It is ideal for those who commute to work daily, riding to class or moving around the neighborhood.


  • It is strong
  • Can be ridden on rough grounds
  • Has state of the art technology


  • It may be a little expensive

Globber one kick scooter

Globber one is made from a high quality metal with coat powder finishing. It has big wheels which enable the scooter to withstand rough rides, with a diameter of 188mm. The wheels are made from polyurethane ensuring the wheels rebound even after riding on tough terrains. Globber has rear brakes connected to handle bar enabling you easily control the speed with your hands thus making it one of the best kick scooters for commuting. They are easy to fold and carry when not riding weighing 12 pounds. They are ideal when moving around the neighborhood or even walking a pet.


  • Has brakes
  • Easy to fold
  • Ideal for any age group

Fuzion cityglideB200 kick scooter

This kick scooter is made from light aluminum metal which is actually considered the lightest and one of the best kick scooters for commuting. It has big wheels with 200 mm diameter embedded with polyurethane. It has two brakes the rear wheel brakes and hand brake on the handle bar ensuring one is able to control the scooter even at high speed.


  • Easy to control
  • It is cheap
  • Has two parallel breaking system

Xootr Mg scooter kick scooter

This is a top quality scooter, where the deck is made from magnesium. It has an advanced braking system with both the front and rear wheel. The rear wheel brakes are attached on the handle bar this help control speeds. It has a wide deck, this helps place your feet on deck for easy maneuvering. This has to be the best kick scooters for commuting.


  • It is of light weight
  • It is portable
  • Has a wide deck

Micro kickboard kick scooter

This is a two wheeled scooter which has a high T-bar making it ideal and comfortable for tall riders. It has a low deck this ensures safe landing in case of a fall. It has shock absorbing grips; this ensures a fun ride and soft on ones hands. It has a stand and fenders both at front and rear wheel. Its wheels are made of polyurethane and have a diameter 200mm.

The handlebar is adjustable from 26 to 38 inches and can carry a weight of 220 pounds. Micro kick board scooter easily folds and is a convenient to persons who commute or park in a car boot.


Can easily fold and carry

The rider has no height limitations

Ideal kick scooter for commuting

Outon pro

This is an aluminum two wheeled kick scooter. Its handlebars are designed like bat wings this helps easy maneuvering. It is available in the market in two colors. Outon pro kick scooter is specifically designed for riders who like to explore and try new stunts.

It has ABEC-9bearing ratings helps it have high performance and move faster thus making it one of the best kick scooters for commuting. It is hence the ideal kick scooter to impress other rides. It has a low and rectangular deck weighing at 8.6 pounds. The scooter has a step on steel fender on the rear wheel used for brakes.


  • Easy to fold
  • It is a high performance and fast scooter
  1. Exooter M1050bk foldable cruiser kick scooter

This is a two wheeled aluminum made kick scooter. It has a fender on the rear wheel which is also used as step on breaks. The scooter has suspension both on its front and rear wheel. The suspension absorbs shock hence making it one of the best kick scooters for commuting; the ride is usually comfortable and fun. It is easily foldable and comes in a variety of colors. It has a diameter wheel of 200mm and can carry a maximum weight of 220lbs.

  1. Go-ped know-ped kick scooter

This is a two wheeled kick scooter made from aircraft aluminum hence making it durable and light weight. It has both the front and rear wheel brakes, this helps control speeds. The Go- ped scooter has large wheels, they ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

It is easily foldable hence making very portable. It is a strong kick scooter for commuting since it can carry a maximum weight of 180 kilograms.


How to choose the best scooter For Commuting

Before shopping for a scooter, it is advisable to always do some research and have some background information about the machine. The research will help you to not blindly buy the scooter just for the heck of buying, but also offer guidance on fundamental features to check for to suit your goals while buying a kick scooter.

Main features of a kick scooter

  • Wheels—both front and rear
  • Deck
  • suspension
  • Bearings
  • Handles
  • Other features—brakes stands, fenders and stand

Knowing the pros and cons of each feature helps you decide on the best kick scooters for commuting to buy that suits your desired goals. For instance, wheels are the most basic components to check for. Scooter wheels are made from plastic core. The plastic made wheels ensures the scooter is of light weight and has a grip on the ground. The plastic is embedded with polyurethane ensuring the wheel is wear resistant and rebound to its original shape after weight compression.

There are two types of wheels large and small. They both come with their own pros and cons respectively. Large wheels are commonly known for fast and comfortable since they absorb vibrations while maneuvering around. However, scooters with large wheels can be cumbersome since they are heavy weight making them hard to lug around. While scooters made from small wheels are slow with vibrations; they are portable.

The deck is the other most crucial part of the scooter to check for. The deck is where one place their foot while moving around. Here two concepts fall into place deck size and height. There are two types of decks the large and small size. The deck size is always directly proportional to the wheel size. Hence, if the ideal idea of the scooter is for leisure and comfortability go for large decks but if it’s for transport and you may be required to use public transport choose a small deck.

The deck height is an aspect that influences the comfortability of a kick scooter. In general, the trick hereis to go for a lower deck that ensures comfortability. With a low deck one does not require to bend their knee much of the leg standing on the deck to be able to push the other feet against the ground. In bearings, the bearing rating is directly proportional to performance. One is always advised to opt for a scooter with high bearing rating ensuring top performance.

Suspensions are known to absorb shock. They are usually springs installed at the front wheel. However there are some models that have shock absorbers in both the front and rear wheel. Suspensions comes with both its advantages and disadvantages. Suspensions are mostly put in place for comfortability but they are add more weight to your scooter. Shock absorbers are optional in some kick scooter, in case you don’t need shock absorbers opt for the brand without.

Most scooters don’t have brakes, mostly one stops by use of their foot. However, having brakes on your scooter will be a well and promising informed idea. The bicycle style brakes are ideal for a scooter, this will help stop the machine in case of an emergency. Having all the parts information in check, the best kick scooter always zero into three key considerations.

  • Comfortability—here if leisure and enjoyment are the priority, opt for a low deck with large wheels to satisfy your goals.
  • Performance—one looking for speed always go for the overall light weight, large wheels and high bearing rating.
  • Convenience— one may decide to use the scooter on daily basics or you may be required to commute public transport. Choose a scooter that will not inconvenience you. Choose that with small wheels and light weight.

Always try to purchase a kick scooter that suits your budget. If possible it is advisable to go for a test drive and examine the machine at close proximity. However, if the test drive isn’t possible purchase your product from a well-known authorized brand or local distributor with warranty coverage.


Using kick scooters are both economical and engage the body in exercise. This helps ensure your body is fit and is resistant to any lifestyle disease. One is also able to move from one location to another with ease without polluting the air. More often riders discover their most favorable kick scooter after owning a few other different brands. Hence, advisable to not only stick to kind of scooter.

There are also electric scooters in the market ridden on bike lanes. However, always check whether they are legal to ride in your city. They can be a perfect choice mode of movement to move around in traffic congested towns. However electrical scooters are more expensive than manual scooters.They comes with a variety of colors and designs, one is required to make a personal choice and choose their desired color and style.

Taking care of the best scooters for commuting

Before buying a scooter ensure its spare parts are readily available and at friendly prices. Some of the most fundamental parts are wheels and bearing. Which at some later date you are assured a must change due to wear and tear. Always ensure while buying the best kick scooters for commuting you are given accessories to mend your scooter just in case of a break down for example a spanner to tighten nuts and bolts. For your scooter to last long always ensure, it is well maintained by simply washing and drying using a clean cloth. Store your scooter appropriately where it is not prone to harsh weather conditions.

Oil the scooter’s moving parts to reduce wear and tear caused by friction. Wipe off excessive grease to ensure it stays clean and not prone to rust. While riding a scooter always ensure your safety precautions are put in place. A helmet is a must have, this ensures your head is well protected in case of an accident. Have a reflector jacket, this ensures other riders or drivers can see you and avoid any collision. As always it is wise to wear knee guards; this protects your knees from injury in an eventuality of a fall.